Harmful attitudes in government

attitudes, Harmful attitudes in government, Dead America

Back in October of 2018, I decided that I would try and change the direction life was going for myself. I had started a podcast earlier in the first part of 2018 and I found it to be extremely helpful at slowly dissolving all of the unhealthy thoughts away. How amazing, just talking into a microphone was changing the way my mind was processing all that had transpired in my life.

I had not been podcasting long when I received an email from an individual stating they liked what I was doing and would like to sponsor me. I had no clue what that even meant at the time so I asked the person to explain more. After I received an email reply to my questions surrounding the issue I was eager to dive in.

Let me tell you, after feeling alone and so overwhelmed at my situation for so long it felt wonderful to have someone finally recognize my voice of concern. For over 20 plus years I had wanted to curl up and die. My new found passion had begun. { Thank you Dialog }

With this new found hope I reached out to Vocational Rehabilitation services in the state of Oregon. after the experience, I went through I felt like I wanted to go back and curl up and die. I never thought I would come to this but here I am one more time in the fight of my life because of “Harmful attitudes in government.”

I have reached out to become the next advocate for the disabled trying to recover from disability and become more productive in life. I will be walking you through the nightmare that about took my life again. The people that we pay to help you out seems more into destroying you. I hope to find the people I need to help me succeed for a better tomorrow for every disabled person needing services in the future.

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