Dealing With Toxic People

 Never in life should we allow Toxic people to take control of our emotions. I am still dealing with this in my own life, it is one of the hardest things to deal with in our life. So many times the Toxic people we deal with oftentimes live so close or in fact with us. Knowing how to identify toxic people is the first step in dealing with them.

Our love sometimes blinds us from reality, we must block the emotion and deal with the truth if you intend on repairing your toxic people problems. If we allow love and emotion to dictate how we are treated it can sure hurt, and I mean a lot. Because we love someone it does not mean that a person has the right to induce toxic behaviors into your life.  If you are dealing with loved ones that make you feel bad or out of place, it is ok to confront the issue.

Dealing with people you must always weigh the positive against the negative, no matter who the individuals might be. Strong communication skills are necessary when you are dealing with toxic people, finding the right balance can be tough at times. Sometimes I just walk away until I find the right way to deal with the individual. Walking away can be the best thing to do in some situations.

 Always know who you are dealing with, in the case of toxic people that can be challenging because toxic people are usually pros. They know how to get you to that trusting point then turn in to what you might call a Jekyll and Hyde type. Know when you should say enough.

Find a support group or a friend you can confide with and make sure the person or persons are not toxic themselves. You are in control of who and what is around you, find the courage to make that change in your life so you can live free.

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