Don’t Let Kindness Be Weakness

How often do you feel used in your life and don’t understand why you? Like you have a big target on your back with the words “I’ll Do It” on your back. This happens to all of us, the difference is “Boundaries.” When we learn to set boundaries, our life changes.

 It is a wonderful thing, to be a helper. So many times we find people have this tendency to become more demanding with the help that they might need. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you must know how to set boundaries with others. To set boundaries in your life is a very healthy part of developing your social behaviors.

Learning to set healthy boundaries might be hard if you have a natural kindness about your behaviors.  Like I said, “Target,” it’s like they smell you out. With every part of your life, you must take control or someone else will for you. Knowing that you only have so many hours in a single day, and you can’t change that is the first observation, that you must take heed to.  If you fail to understand time itself, you might have deeper issues than you are willing to see.

People have a natural order about them to let others do for them if the other person is willing to do it for them. How convenient for them, but not so much for you. We all tend to do it, yet we hate it when people do it to us, the answer is to have a healthy relationship with the people you deal with. Healthy communication and boundaries right at the beginning of a relationship are truly the best policy for all parties involved.


 Never feel as though you can’t say no. Healthy lives start with the power to say no when you need to. When you tell someone that you can do it and you can’t it leads to all sorts of unhealthy issues that you don’t need in your life. Truth is always your best policy, if you apply it to every part of your life, it is much easier to set boundaries and develop good social behaviors.

Never feel alone in life if you need help reach out to someone.


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