Understanding “You Are The Change”

 CHANGE, we all wish for it at some point in our life. Life has been a really hard road for me, witnessing some of the most life-changing events, events that could have been avoided with nothing more than a little more thought. So often do we charge headstrong into things and end up facing massive recourse.  Actions speak so much louder than words could ever echo. 

 Simply put if you are going to speak it you must walk it. For the last 16 months of my life, I have been doing just that. Yes, I still suffer from pain daily and walk with it well, so well people don’t see it much anymore, seems I have done well at masking how I feel inside. Life is an ever-changing experience that frankly scares the hell out of you. People are so cruel to one another and it doesn’t even phase people anymore. This is why I started to change who and what I am, not that I didn’t like who I was but more that I am tired of people hurting one another.

 Never in my life have I felt so lost, alone and frightened for my life, something had to change and it had to start with me. Hopeless is the word that describes it best. I withdrew into something that I had never felt before, a demon moved in and shoved me out of my own life. Anger, bitterness and no hope is a life no person should ever have to live, especially alone. With my best friend { My Wife } sticking with me through the bitter cold days of my life, I was never alone.

My break down and a broken body had me feeling hopeless. So I started a podcast to vent my frustrations and learn how to deal with the world again. The journey is not what I wanted, I did not ask for it, however here I am smack in the middle of something I would never have guessed I would or even could attempt, I was wrong! With the events that I was hurdled into, I find myself to be the ultimate candidate for the position I am applying for. 

 I started off wanting to just try and enter back into the workforce. Looking for the right way to do this I reached out to the Vocational Rehabilitation office in Oregon. What I found was an unorganized nightmare. People that were supposed to help, sent me backward in my efforts. I found myself faced with more of the broken system that downplays so many of the people’s struggles. 

 Long story shortened, I got my application to apply for the (SRC) State Rehabilitation Council. This is a body appointed by the Governor and is to help provide better services to people with disabilities. Looking forward to getting involved with some of the great people that are bringing change to areas of our government that need change the most.


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