A Muddy Shoe Life

 We All Have Muddy Shoes! as we walk down what we all know as the path of life we encounter rainstorms, by rainstorms I am talking about troubles in our life. With the rainstorms, we find mud, by mud, I am talking about people, places or things, and the mud can get real heavy at times.

Sometimes it is well worth our time to try and help people downThe Muddy Shoe Life the path of life. When you help others it must be worthy of the effort you make, in order to help certain individuals you must recognize if the person is really wanting to help themselves or just use you.  So often you will put so much effort into helping { So you Think! } you will tend to want to extend even more help to the person in need. If you cannot see measurable results out of your efforts it is time to call it “Heavy Mud.”  Heavy mud comes in all forms and it must be wiped off of your shoes.

The Muddy Shoe Life

Beginning this identification process can be a challenge when you love the person, place or thing so much you are willing to be blind to facts. Good news! when you are strong and wipe the mud from your shoes it makes it easier for you to arrive at the end of the trail, without being so tired from all the heavy mud.

Now if you understand the analogy of this story you will understand, all the good mud will stay with you tightly up inside the soles of your shoes. Makes sense right? Leave that heavy mud to dry up, with all of the heavy mud you leave along the trail of life. Find places to wipe the mud from your feet often. You will find the places to wipe your heavy mud around “Positivity.”

For a little extra good news! The mud you decided to leave back on the trail of life, you could very well see that mud again. Some other by-passer could very well pick that same mud up and pack it along with them. Always watch out for the heavy mud and decide often if you should be keeping or wiping the mud from your feet.


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