Today I Became Aware

Today I Became Aware, Today I Became Aware, Dead America

 So today I change the way I do things. I found out so much today, as I sat and just thought hard about myself. I had so many questions that only I could answer. The hard truth is sometimes easy to overlook. When we look at our self as we should, you find so many answers.

I asked myself today, Are you putting your money where your mouth is? The answer I found, No I am not. Today I looked hard at what I need to change in my personal finances. This means that I had to really evaluate what I was spending not only my money on but also what I am spending my time on also.

Finding I was letting my heart override my logic, was not easy to look at. I ride a fine line each month just to ensure my wife and animals are taken care of, my little POS car gets me by and We have the best health that we can afford.

We should evaluate how and what we are juggling in our life and identify what is best for us. Well for myself I need to be able to vent my feelings and try and understand others the best that I can. This is why I tried podcasting in the first place. For so many years I could never see myself blogging, but here I go, typing away at the keyboard one finger at a time.

I have been with Spreaker for the whole time, hosting my files, because I did not have a clue and I loved the platform, and still do. With that being said I stopped my Pro account with Spreaker and I will be changing the way I podcast and blog. I deleted most of the podcast shows I was wasting time and money on and identified what it is I want out of podcasting and blogging.

Boy, the money is starting to really add up that I am saving with this round of financial house cleaning. With the savings from the Epidemic Sound music and the hosting fees from podcasting, it was taking a bite. I needed to get wise so I can do more about my life, I had to decide.

With everything else, I am looking to enhance my life with better health. This is hard for people to do, maintain good health as they age. Well, I have been thinking hard about that. My wife and I want to last for many more years so I take this seriously nowadays.  I spend almost 50% of my income on just our health. and I will continue to do so, however how I do it is changing.

I found a wonderful product that changed my life and I have to give it up. I spend $221.95 each month on this product, that I would be happy to share with you, however, the person was not upfront and honest with me and I guess he felt it was ok. Well, it’s not, and I have decided to look for an alternative to that product. I think I have hopefully found that product. More on that in another post.

In short, I have saved myself a lot of money. When I set and think I change things. I am worthy of taking care of my life and I will make a change when I see the need. The change I hope shows people the right way to do things. My thought to you is, If you want to change, make it happen.

 Money is no obstacle so don’t let it be one. 

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