Changing Podcast Hosting

Oh yes, when it is time to change your host it can be a job. I decided to up my game in the podcast area, in order to bring the best content with little or no headache, I have been changing things up over here at Dead America.

I have put a few things away and added new things. I plan on making it happen one way or the other. This morning I worked on getting the new podcast hosting taken care of, It works! Well, its time to do it or not, The cost was stacking up and I wanted to save some money for an upcoming project, and we did it we dropped Spreaker as our host and trying a new host that integrates with our website and will save considerable time on podcasting.

We also ended or subscription to Epidemic Sound and intend on buying music that We can use for more purpose and fewer restraints on our ability to create. Hang on we have more coming!

Our basic job is to help improve how people communicate and understand each other. Join us on the journey and wait for the exciting day by day!


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