Reinventing Your Life, Starts Today!

When you wake up each morning, it’s up to you, to be a person of change and hope. I started my change process last year, it was not easy to accept the responsibility to be a better person. That is a BIG statement! Being a better person? What do you base that on? 

 My, how times have changed, many years ago I was a young man eager and ready to bust a move on the world. LOL, How the world, busted a move on me! Yes, it wasn’t long into my new found freedom of manhood, I was wishing for the comfort of my mothers care. 

 My life has always been a playground, with little care of consequences. Wondering why life was treating me so unfair, I dove deeper into a life of bad choices. I was married early, at the age of 19, to a wonderful and spectacular woman that dove right in with me. We were told many times by many people, we would never make it. Here we are, after 35 years of marriage and a life of love and struggle, we made it. 

 I look back, at all the years I should never have been blessed with a wife of such caliber. Boy, I sure am a lucky man! I am not easy to deal with so often, and that hurts me, however, I must maintain a posture of duty to my core fundamental beliefs. Every time you allow yourself or anyone else, to disregard your core value and beliefs, you become a little weaker in the way you defend yourself.

 Time will make you take care of business, we learn early to adapt and overcome, this truly is a life skill that keeps you alive and most of the time well. It took a good wife, and a lot of bad circumstances, to get my sight focused on the point, that I needed to start a change process in my own life, for the betterment of both of our lives. 

 Take time now, and understand what is important to you, understand that it will take some time before for you truly understand what you want. You don’t have to rush life it will happen soon enough. Take the time to understand each other.

When you see that your life does not meet your core values, you need to start the change. Reinvent yourself and keep in line with that core value. Reinventing yourself starts today.


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