When We Care Enough To Keep Going!

Funny how people forget so fast. When I help someone, and the next day the person tells you, look at what I did when you are the one that did most of it for them. LOL, I get a kick out of it. I have very little concern about this type of behavior because it is a normal thing I see all the time.

The reason I help people at all is that I want to do it. If you are helping people for some kind of reward, you might not get what you are after. Yes, it is true a lot of people get paid a lot of money for helping people. When you dig deep enough, you will see it might be a shell game for cash.

The people that are truly helping, rarely will you see them with a lot of money or material items because they help so much, they give it all away!  That is when you will truly know the “helper.” Look close at the world and you will see the truth from behind the curtain.

When you care enough to keep going even after you have or get nothing for it, then you are a helper.

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