Backbone By Encroachments

Backbone By Encroachments

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We take a look at the encroachments of America even before the United States was a nation.
We need to look hard at the things we allow our government to do around the world. So often we look the other way just as they did in the earlier world wars. The weight of every decision that our government, is on your shoulders
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intrusion on a person’s territory, rights, etc.
“minor encroachments on our individual liberties”
synonyms:intrusion into, trespass on, invasion of, infiltration of, incursion into, obtrusion into, overrunning of, usurping of, appropriation of; More

  1. 2.
    a penalty in which a defensive player is positioned in the neutral zone at the start of a play.


Next week we will be talking about Ruby Ridge. Here is some information we found and will cover. Join us!
Don Chapin

Published on Nov 16, 2011

Thumbs up if you like this Documentary. Very few people even remember Ruby Ridge, let alone what occurred and this just might be the greatest tragedy of all. But Ruby Ridge was a watershed. It paved the way for government bureaucrats at ATF and the FBI to violently react to American citizens who failed to pay proper homage. It revealed the arrogance of government’s non-elected officials and their contempt for “non-compliant” Americans. My wife, a former supervisor at the US Department of Justice was riveted to the screen as she watched this DVD. On several occasions, she repeated “this is just the way they are!” For the life of me, I don’t understand why this unfolding drama was given such a low rating. Maybe most people are in denial over what happens when Americans don’t bow to authority or live according to “approved” rules. Whatever the reason, it’s a travesty to this excellent movie and a tragedy for democracy. As someone who has spent some twenty years in uniform as a Field Grade Officer and as an individual who has known many “Feds,” I can tell you that this film captured their incompetence and duplicitous arrogance to perfection. Only “Waco, The Rules of Engagement,” has managed to better clarify the threat we all face. It comes from unaccountable unelected Federal civil servant bureaucrats who feel that they are not just above the law, but but hold the power of life and death over citizens who threaten their sense of self-importance. “The Siege at Ruby Ridge,” is a must see. THE RUBY RIDGE MASSACRE.True Story..The Siege Of Ruby Ridge..Please Share.. Pt1… pt2 pt3… pt4 pt5 pt6 NWO – Ruby Ridge | A Documentary on the Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge in Northern Idaho.



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