Living With Condemnation

Living with condemnation is a hard thing to deal with, and so much harder if you are unsure of who and what you truly are. The early stages of life can be some of the most hazardous times in our lives. We are molded and formed by the life we are born and raised into, freeing ourselves from those early years can be rather challenging.

To step up and demand respect is critical, however, to demand the respect you must be worthy of asking for this respect. How to earn respect and feel worthy can sometimes depend on you putting away the condemnation that you received as a youth or earlier in your life.

condemnation, Living With Condemnation, Dead AmericaCondemnation from others often times will hinder us from reaching our highest potential in life. We must learn to separate ourselves from the condemnation of others. If you can learn one thing you must learn to respect yourself.

Sometimes learning to respect yourself is a hard thing to learn, especially when your life has been filled with condemnation and negative people. I developed my “Muddy Shoe Life” theory out of this very topic. Consider this, you become what you are consuming in life.

condemnation, Living With Condemnation, Dead America

 Take time and examine your life today. what do you see and how do you find yourself getting to a better place? Cleaning up our own areas of weakness can help strengthen our own self-worth. Looking deep into our own past and understanding the harm condemnation can do to people helps us heal from the condemnation we have lived in our own lives.

 One more quick observation for you, are you yourself condemning others in your life? 

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