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Here at the Dead America Podcast, even though we love to have great conversations with anyone about anything, we are looking to move forward with a more structured format for our listeners. If you are interested in having a conversation that might reach people who need to hear your interview, look at the topics we are dedicating our time to below. When contacting us about an interview, include the topic you will discuss.

  1. Stopping the proliferation of pedophilia/Child grooming.
  2. Preventing and abolishing Sex/Human trafficking.
  3. Overcoming addiction {Drug, Sex, Porn, Food, Gambling, and any others.}
  4. Dealing with gang violence/Drug cartels.
  5. Dealing with emotional triggers.
  6. Effective communication skills.
  7. Healing after abuse {Sexual, emotional, and physical.}
  8. Protecting children from the long-term trauma associated with gender-affirming care.
  9. Becoming a better partner in your relationship.
  10. Inspiring the rebirth of American fundamental principles.


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