Dangers In Definitions

So often we are faced with definitions. Definitions define everything in our world, from the very day you are born into this world others, are defining it for us. Some of the very people that define our world might very well be defining things wrong.

Somethings are not to be defined, or more so left to be defined as the individual sees or experiences the very thing we must define. We allow others, far to often to define our world for us. For you to experience the highs and the lows of your choice. This is what makes a definition not mere words in a book or on a page. Life demands you to define your own world or you will be stuck in someone else’s world, a world you might not find pleasant or even real.

Intimidation is a well-known tactic of individuals seeking to define and control others. Some of the people trying to define and control everything and everyone, well those people tend to have the most to lose or learn in life. We often fall short of our goals in life, so we tend to reach out to people we think might make our life a little simpler, or more excepting to others.

Again we are allowing others to define our life. Instead of using our own experience, we often find ourselves building our life, from others defined success. Success comes from hard work and trying different often bold new ideas. You should always define your life and everything in it, that is where you will find true happiness and success. Never feel bad when you do not understand something or you aren’t quite sure how you are going to define something.

Life packs a big punch if you get it wrong, so never be afraid to define the world the way you see it. Never be so locked down to a definition, that when the truth strikes you, that you won’t be able to accept the truth. Define things for yourself, take time to study everything that interest you and most of all listen closely so you don’t miss the true definition of life.

 Define what and how always!

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