The Price We Pay

Life in today's world is so confusing, The Price We Pay, Dead AmericaLife in today’s world is so confusing, people tend to, not want to hear the truth. As long as the pie is large enough so that they get their piece. We witness people turning a blind eye on so much today, that is until it is directly related to them, then it becomes necessary to defend their pie.

So often nowadays, people will not stand up for what is right, due to the influence money has on them. This is alarming, it takes people to be accountable for their actions before a change can occur. Accountability needs to be enforced, by the individuals that the actions that are taken directly affect.

Taking action when you see wrong in the world will matter. The way you respond to each situation in your life will directly affect you and most likely everyone around you. Take time and clearly evaluate everything in your life, sometimes the littlest oversight can turn into that great big headache. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s

The price you will pay in this life for doing the right thing can be taxing. Remember if you are doing it for the right reason and with the reasoning behind your efforts, You will always be doing the right thing.


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  1. Sybil
    June 22, 2019

    From Sybil Presley.
    Your blogs are very informative.

  2. Jade Emrald
    October 16, 2019

    You are so right when you say people are quick to judge us homeless as you have seen even our own families will turn on us or throw us to the curb even if we’ve done nothing wrong at all it is sad to see how mean this world really is and how little love and care people really have for other people just because we are homeless doesn’t mean we dont have feelings take the time to talk to us to find out our story’s instead of judging us let God do the judging not us we all have a story and it normally doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol my story start when I feel in love for the first time I was 13 years old we broke up lost contact till we were 15 got back together at 15 I feel in love with him all over again got pregnant with my first son at 16 had him at 17 got pregnant again and had my daughter 2 months before I turned 19 now during this time from 15 to 19 I was being abused by him he made me believe it was all my fault and i deserved what he did to me he made me believe that if i truly loved him I’d try harder and if i left he he would kill me or kidnap my babies I never thought nobody ever thought he could or would ever harm the kids but one morning at 2 am on Sept 20th 2004 I was being woken up by him saying my daughter wasn’t breathing I called 911 did CPR they transported her to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t save her it wasnt until days or even weeks it seemed like eternity of being intaragated before he finally admitted what he did and I finally found out what a monster he was and how my baby girl really died he did it but I guess that didn’t matter to anyone that he did it not me because they placed me in his category and I lost my home my friends and worst off my family i had nobody to turn to and nowhere to go with an 18month old son in the beginning of winter i had no idea what i was going to do well a few years down the road i tried to get on my feet again got a place had 2 more babies then the state takes it all away again takes my babies all 3 of the ones alive said i was mentally unstable due to my babies murder even though i was on meds and in counseling and handling things fine for my living kids gave me a reason to be strong i was strong for them when the state took them away I felt like I didn’t have a reason to live anymore I feel into a deep depression I had no idea what to do but instead of ending my life I told my self over and over even today I still tell myself daily i say tiffany how selfish can you be to take your own life after your son lost his dad and his sister and it tends to help me my love for my kids keep me going they are the reason I’m alive anyways so a little while goes by with my kids being with my parents and me being on the streets in the rain snow and shine that I finally found a man willing to love me and change his life for me he helped me along with his dad and they bought a trailer for me and him to start our lives well hell if that was gonna happen you see my ex sent a letter and left voice mails on my parents phone from jail saying when he got out me and my son would be next he’d come for us we turned them into the cops but nobody did anything about it he wasnt charged with anything and never had any time added to his sentence because of the threat of him coming for me and my son so one day I go to my parents home to see my kids and they are all packed up like they’re moving I didn’t even get a chance to ask what was going on before they said well we are moving with or with out you and if you really love your kids like you say you do then you’ll figure it out it wasnt till I got to Utah that they told me they left to keep my son save cause it was just a few years left before his dad got out of prison which made me fear for his safety as well so I figured hay I’m homeless already again cause my boyfriend sold his trailer and got help from his father to get me to my children and we were at a stand still sleeping in tents and our car in the middle of winter waiting for my family to settle down somewhere finally they did and I followed hoping they would let me stay with them but they told me I wasnt welcomed there wasnt enough room so I found my self still on the streets no friends no family nothing but Jesse and me that’s when I figured well they wont let me home fine but I’m just going to stay homeless cause if I get a place with my name on the lease or any paperwork hell hunt me down and if he can find me hell find my kids cause he knows I’ll stay close to them so I told myself and came to believe the only way I could protect my kids is to stay homeless cause if he cant find me he can find them and if he cant find us I dont have to be so scared all the time looking over my shoulder wondering if he’s gonna come up behind me i dont have to be sp scared and worried wondering if my kids are okay and if I’ll see or talk too them the next day so here i am running in fear of everything and everyone either way you are always looking over your shoulder not just for fear of him but fear of everyone and everything as well I still have to work hard on trusting others again but being homeless and seeing how cruel this world and people on it really are just makes it harder to not give up on life people are mean calling you names telling you to get a job just because they think you can or people saying oh you put yourself there when they dont even know you or your story they dont even take the time to ask you or try and understand or help you get a job and on your feet again most days we starve not because we aren’t trying but because of the circumstances or the situation we are in God said ask and ye shall receive God said if you have to help the ones in need so isn’t it better we are asking for your love and kindness and a little help instead of doing the devil’s work and just taking it or robbing places or stealing from stores and people? So the next time you want to judge someone or me myself think of my story I didn’t ask for this or to be on the streets this wasnt my doing or my will and it still isn’t I dont want to leave like this I just cant dig my way out either I need some help and with no friends and family that dont care or love you who else and where else do you have to turn put yourself in my shoes and take the time to talk to us to get to know who we are and why we are in this situation and predicament for it’s not always something we’ve chose or something we’ve done that put us here please have a heart and love for the ones who are suffering like me like I am like I always will be for my pain and my fear and my heartache is neverending and will never heal or go away I wish my family would take the time to see the true me and to look at me like their baby girl in need of them and their love and support instead of some loser or like they like to say baby killer I wish they would remember and see today how much I truelly care for and love my kids and how much I blame myself already everyday I live for the rest of my life I wish they could see how badly I wish it was me instead of her maybe one day they will maybe they wont but no matter what I wont stop loving them no matter what I forgive them for everything they’ve said and done they are my family and they always will be . All I ask is if you are reading this and you have seen me or someone else on the streets to stop and talk to them to understand and listen and help even if its food or water or a prayer because you never know how they are feeling and maybe just maybe you could save my life or someone else’s from doing something dumb due to depression pain heartsick hurt and loneliness just by showing them someone loves them and cares about them even if their family dont or just simply wont and just remember we all have our own unique story to tell if someone just takes the time to ask !!!! Thank you for listening and God bless you !!!!! If you’d like to talk to me or help me please contact me via email at :

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