Feeling Good, Even When Your Not!

 How hard is it for you? Feeling good even when your not. I have become a master at hiding my pain from others. Being a person who has not lived a day without pain in my life, for over 17 years now, I feel I can truly talk as an expert in living with pain. The road of living with chronic pain has not been easy and continues to show it’s Cold icy curves along with its long straight dry stretches.

 People often times will look at you as though nothing is wrong with you, and show the truth in their face as they look at you, but fear to say anything at all to you. Judgment from your peers can be some of the hardest times a person living with an issue, that others can’t see or understand can deal with. Learning to let it go can be very hard, especially if you worked hard all of your life. Meaningless chatter will always occur from those that choose to be that kind of person.

Every day I have to wake up and remember, what it’s like to be free from pain, then I have to remember, others can’t feel it. That is the tricky part! So often we don’t take just the split second of time that we truly need to just think. When we live with pain all day it is hard to just concentrate and thinking is not high on our priority list sometimes. 

 After many years I have learned to just let somethings go, But more importantly, I have learned to get straight to the point in life. Stress will amplify your pain levels beyond comprehension. Never allow people to carry you into the land of stress, it will make you sick and flat out kill you. You are in control of how you handle the situations that come up in your life. Learn to be truthful and trustworthy and your life can be free from stress.

 Being happy even when you are always in pain is possible and you do not have to be “That Person.” Take time and learn how to calm down and don’t jump on other peoples carnival ride. Life is what we make it out to be, you can be a happy person even if the world doesn’t understand you or your situation. You can choose to be who you want to be, find the right people and places to spend your time around.



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