Live Your Dream, Don’t Live My Dream.

People are funny, They always want to dream for other people. I get it, dreams can include other people, it’s when I am awake, and I am told to be this way, that is when you include me into your dream. You must be dreaming if you expect someone to dump the plans that they have, for your own plans.

I have done a lot of things, for a lot of people. Yes, I am even willing to dump my own plans to help someone else, if that person is worthy of a commitment from me like that.  But you will never get me to go along just to get along. I will never give up who or what I am, in the face of diversity.

Many times people will think that our kindness is a weakness, and in most cases, I would agree. When we are able to find that balance in our lives, between when who and even how we help people, you will start feeling so much better about who and what you are.

Only you should control your destiny. It’s fine when we have help with our plans and dreams, however, we should never let them turn in to someone else’s dream. Learn to say No! When it finally falls from your lips, it is liberating.

Plan to attack with your full measure of resolve, anything that wants to change your dreams, only you have the power to Quit. Never give up on your dreams, you just have to find a new approach to reach them. Emotions are a powerful tool that some will try with such ferocity, to use emotions against you. Plan for the attacks now, and you will be better prepared later to fight against them.

 Bottom line it is ok to say NO!


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