Julie Hilsen Spiritual Activator

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Julie Hilsen

Spiritual Activator, Author, Podcaster and Curious Mind.

My message is about living in the magic of love. This involves getting quiet to hear what you soul is wanting because once you align with your unique soul, you can find your unconditional love. I am all about activating people to understand their unique light and how that connection to the universal oneness feeds your desires and give you ultimate happiness. We can only find that peace when we are confident about the belief that we matter. As one of us is living in our unique joy, those around us are inspired and the world is changed. The difficult part is that we have to be on a quest, we have to assert ourselves to find our specific answers and what I call breadcrumbs. I can share how the angels can help us discern and navigate what the highest expression of our choices can be each day


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