Mike VanPelt Comeback Coach

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Mike Van Pelt is a Men’s Life Coach known as the “Comeback Coach.” He is also the creator and host of the True Man Podcast. His experience and passion for coaching, guiding, and mentoring men have come from his involvement in leading Christian men’s groups along with his own journey to “take back” his life and achieve success. In addition, he brings over two decades of deep organizational expertise and thought leadership in account management, consulting, and leadership development.

His purpose is to help serve men who have misinterpreted or been misguided in the direction of their lives. He believes men want success and satisfaction in every area of their lives, and they are looking for a roadmap of discovery back to their true hearts and minds. His goal is to be an instrument of guidance and healing and to lift the heavy heart loads that many men carry.

In addition to being a coach, he is happily married to my wife Jill and best friend of 26 years and has two talented teenagers. When he’s not coaching, he’s probably enjoying time at one of the many family activities or getting a quick round of golf in with friends.









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