Ryan Sullivan I’m SullyBop

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I help people launch top 3% podcasts with 0 paid promotion in 5 meetings or less using a proven launch strategy to create content people actually want to watch.

Beyond that, I’m SullyBop; I live a second life as a rapper and DJ of 8 years performing and hosting over 300 live events.

If a mechanic can figure it out, so can you.

About Ryan Sullivan

First, thank you for reading. This is my bio, so be aware that I’m going deep on, “me” but I don’t expect our episode to be so me-centric, unless you want it to.

TLDR on Sully:

– Worked as a mechanic for 4 years, sold and flipped 30+ cars

– Made $80 my first 90 days of freelancing and been independent ever since

– Took 3.5g of mushrooms and almost died on a river, but escaped to tell the story

– Found and paid mentors along the way who are now my peers

– Launched a podcast in my parents garage that now reaches thousands

– Released 2 mixtapes, 1 album and created 100+ songs with 0 experience

– Launched a podcast coaching agency and hired my best friends to help

The Story:

One of my first podcast guests, Brian Conklin passed away in a tragic car accident in 2021. Most of what I do today is inspired by him and my biggest accomplishment is the fact that his family can hear him speak for 2 hours because of that episode. Money, followers – none of it is important in the end, and that’s what I’m focused on.

At the age of 16, I started recording hiphop music with friends. Since then, I’ve developed a brand around my stage name, “SullyBop.” I’ve DJ’d, performed and hosted hundred of events and it’s undoubtedly an interest, turned passion.

I launched a podcast on a whim in 2018 after watching countless hours of Gary Vee. After meeting him in 2019, I vowed to dedicate my life to creating a business around helping people create podcasts. Since then, I’ve interviewed over 100 people on my show, and helped over 100 more podcasters and future podcasters.

I have found a way to pursue my dreams at 24 years old and I couldn’t be more grateful to share some time with you on your show.







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