Michael Santonato True Financial Education

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Michael Santonato is utterly compelled to give people a True Financial Education. He’s convinced that no one will ever get a true financial education in school, at work, in church or religion, or in a community or family.

However, Michael was lucky enough to have parents who were bank managers, and they taught Michael all the basics, all the essential foundations of personal finance, at a young age. “It took me a long time to realize that our dinner table conversations were different than most families,” Michael says. But that doesn’t mean they were in the top 1% of financial wealth. It just means Michael’s parents gave him a financial education, one that almost never gets, AND NEVER, EVER WILL.

Now, Michael teaches and trains families and business owners on everything from the tax system, investments, leverage, loans, tax credits, insurance, and so much more. Michael helps clients identify opportunities and fill the gap from where they are financially to where they want to be… Why? Because they just won’t get it anywhere else.

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