Devi Nina Bingham – Messages From Metatron

Devi Nina Bingham Messages From Metatron

Devi Nina Bingham – Messages From Metatron

Award-winning Author who resides in Tucson, Arizona, including “Messages From Metatron: A Course in Self-Transformation.” Podcast host in 2022 of the “Messages From Metatron Podcast Study Group” on CView Quantum Network. To learn more about this virtual book club, go to: Devi Nina earned an AA in Psychology, a BA in Applied Psychology, and completed her MS in Mental Health Counseling program. She has a diploma in Jungian Archetypal Psychology and a certification in Professional Publishing. She is a Life Coach, Certified Sound Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Reiki Master taught by a Peruvian shaman. Personally, she is a Hindu who received the honorary name of Devi from her guru in India, but you can call her Nina. She enjoys kayaking, camping, and bodyboarding in the ocean. See her books here:…

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Nina Bingham
[00:00:00] Ed Watters: To overcome you must educate. Educate not only yourself, but educate anyone seeking to learn. We are all Dead America, we can all learn something. To learn we must challenge what we already understand, the way we do that is through conversation. Sometimes we have conversations with others, however, some of the best conversations happen with ourself.
[00:00:45] Reach out and challenge yourself. Let’s dive in and learn something right now. Today we are joined with Nina Bingham. She is the author of Messages From Metatron. Nina, could you please introduce yourself? Let people know just a little more about you please.
[00:01:10] Nina Bingham: Sure,
[00:01:10] hi Ed, it’s wonderful to be here. Um, I’m an author, and a life coach, and a clinical hypnotherapist, and a sound therapist.
[00:01:19] I’m from Tucson, Arizona. What else do you want to know?
[00:01:25] Ed Watters: Well, uh, we want to know everything that’s what podcasting’s about. Uh, it’s a fascinating book that you wrote and it covers meditations or messages from Metatron. Now a lot of people might not know who Metatron is, so could you start there and explain who Metatron is for the people?
[00:01:51] Nina Bingham: Sure. Well, I didn’t know who Metatron was either. Um, my experience with angels, um, was, you know, like most people’s, I, I’ve heard of angels. And, um, I was, I was raised when I was a kid, I was, I was a Christian. So I’d heard about them, you know, in the Bible. And then sometimes in church they would talk about angels.
[00:02:14] And so it was kind of a vague concept for me. Um, and, and I’d heard also about guardian angels, you know, that everybody has this guardian angel. And I knew from personal experience that I, I’d been through a lot of close scrapes in my life. And it did at times, it did seem like there was an intervening force there, you know, to keep me safe, or keep me from, you know, dying, or you know, whatever the crisis was there. It seemed like there was something that always intervened, you know, and, and I never thought much of it until,
[00:02:51] until I met Metatron and that totally changed my life. So Metatron is an Archangel, which Archangel is just, the word Archangel means chief, so chief angel. And there’s, there’s according to the Bible, there’s literally millions of angels in the universe. There’s a little less of the, of the Archangels,
[00:03:12] they’re kind of the bosses of the regular angels. Metatron is the boss of the Archangels, so he’s sort of the head honcho in terms of Archangels are concerned. Um, and I’d never even heard the name Metatron uh, at all because it’s not in the Bible. And so I hadn’t heard anything about Metatron um, until I had an encounter with, with an Archangel when I was, um, I was just a girl in high school and I had a real serious injury to my sciatic nerve.
[00:03:44] And when that happened, in the middle of the night I had, um, I don’t, I don’t like to say miracles because it just, a lot of times people will say, oh, it was a miracle and then later on you find out it wasn’t a miracle, you know? So I don’t like to say it was a miracle, but something happened that I can’t explain.
[00:04:03] Um, and that was, uh, I went to bed and the doctor told me that day, you’re not going to be able to walk for at least a month or maybe months if you’re going to walk at all. I mean, it was a really serious thing. And in the middle of the night I woke up and I just saw this huge like light coming in from the doorway, just
[00:04:21] so bright that I couldn’t look at it. And my first thought was, cause I’m the oldest of three kids and I’m in high school at that time. I thought, you know, my sister or brother left the lights on, you know, cause there’s this light flooding in and I thought, oh great, mom’s going to be mad. So I started to get up and then I, and then it hurt and I realized, oh yeah, then I remembered you can’t move.
[00:04:41] And so I’m sitting there and then this, this thought in my head says, just lay down and go to sleep it’s going to be all right just lay down. And then boom I was out, you know, and I woke up in the morning Ed, and, um, and it was weird because my, my leg didn’t hurt and I’m like, huh, that’s kind of weird. So I got up out of the bed and I [00:05:00] could walk and like the pain was gone, like it was gone,
[00:05:03] it was just gone after seeing this light in my room. And so, you know, I ran to my mother who’s asleep and she had her own beauty salon and she was a single mom. So she slept in on the weekends and I wake her up on the weekend and I’m like, mom, did you leave all the lights on last night? You know, and she was like, no, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.
[00:05:22] There were no lights on when I got up. And you know, I talked to my brother and sister later and they hadn’t left up, left any lights on. So. Um, you know, I didn’t know what it was and I just kind of left it there. I was really grateful because I could go back to my normal life after that. I mean, there wasn’t anything wrong with my leg after that.
[00:05:41] Um, so I guess you could call it a miracle, I don’t know. Um, but, but I believe that that light that I saw was actually Metatron. So I think Metatron has been with me my whole life. Um, he’s a pretty powerful guy. And I think if you wanted to heal your leg, he probably could. So, um, it wasn’t until my daughter passed away,
[00:06:05] Ed, when I was, she was 15 and this was in 2013, she passed away. She actually committed suicide, um, she was on antidepressants and, um, she was scared that they were gonna make her fat. And so she stopped taking them without telling anybody and, you know, they were the kind of antidepressants that you can’t cold turkey.
[00:06:28] Um, and she knew that, she just thought like every teenager that she could handle it, well, she couldn’t. And three days later she took her own life as I was sleeping in the next room. So, um, after that occurred in 2013, um, I, that’s when, about a year later, it was about the first anniversary of my daughter’s death,
[00:06:51] that for the first time she made contact with me. Um, and I don’t know if you believe in that either, but a lot of people in America actually do believe that they’ve had some sort of contact with their loved ones who have passed on. So I hadn’t heard anything from her for like a year and I just kind of figured I wasn’t gonna hear anything.
[00:07:14] Um, And I was walking one night and all she said to me, she was a, a girl of very few words, she was very quiet girl. And all she said to me was mama, listen for the voice, just listen for the voice. And I was like, okay, you know, and I felt, wow, I just heard my daughter’s voice cause I know her voice. So, and I didn’t know what she meant
[00:07:36] and she didn’t say anymore and then boom, she was gone. So I was like, okay, this is getting weird. And then it was about a month after that, that I started receiving the messages from Metatron. So that’s kind of all how it happened.
[00:07:49] Ed Watters: Very interesting. Uh, now there is a supernatural to this world. I’ve, I’ve had many experiences myself with that, and it actually has been following me since childhood.
[00:08:06] So some of these encounters, a lot of people would not understand and I hardly talk about it. But through that, it sent me on a journey to discover what this is. And there are many religions, and many opinions, many outlooks, on this. But a lot of those opinions are driven out of one religion and no other type of substance to back what they are actually teaching or wanting other people to adhere to.
[00:08:47] So when we dive into religion, if you’re going to talk about it, you should actually dive into the subject matter very deep. My wife and I, we see this as a hobby and we, we read these books and we have many, many books that we dive into.
[00:09:17] Nina Bingham: Then you probably know Ed, if you’re reading the book of, the book of Enoch, uh, when I was doing, when I was doing research on Metatron to get to know who the heck this person, this person was, who this angel was.
[00:09:29] Um, he supposedly wrote the book of Enoch. And so I’m sure that you, you already know that.
[00:09:35] Ed Watters: Yes. Well, Enoch is mentioned in the Bible, as you stated. And he found favor with God so Enoch did not suffer a death per se, he was transformed, he was taken up. Right. This is very interesting when we talk Metatron [00:10:00] because
[00:10:01] uh, Metatron was taught about the entirety of God’s plan and he holds the keys that nobody else holds. So it’s really interesting when I saw this I, what the heck, you know, messages from Metatron?
[00:10:21] Nina Bingham: Yeah, that is, that is interesting. And you’re reading a book that supposedly he wrote, well,
[00:10:25] that’s really cool.
[00:10:26] Ed Watters: Yes, yes. Well, Enoch is a very interesting, uh, individual and it’s one of those subject matters that Christians really haven’t dived in deep enough to, you know, like they expelled the book of Enoch, the Hebrew book of Enoch.
[00:10:49] Why? You know, if, if Enoch was favored amongst God and walked with God, why would you exclude that writing and try to, you know, suppress it for so long? Very interesting. Yeah, neither do I, but you know, I’ve had many interviews now and quite a few are going to come out on the season that you’re actually coming out on where we scrape some of this.
[00:11:20] You know, we talk about some of the abnormals and I’m one, I don’t care, I want to know. I want to dive in and understand the taboo subjects. So we, we are here for a very short time, how much of that time do we want to spend arguing? And this is a message from Jesus himself to love thy enemy, so we’re not here to argue about it.
[00:11:50] We’re here to observe, watch for signs and wonders. And you know, during the end times, we’re going to talk about the two witnesses, I believe Enoch might be one of those witnesses in my opinion. So it’s powerful when that name comes up to me. I’m a firm believer, but a lot of Christians are going to be offended by this
[00:12:22] in many ways. The book has so much topic that many of us are sore about and we want to argue about. You’ve touched about transgender, you know, you talk about some of these issues that Jesus himself was actually telling us to forgive, love, and not argue and fight about traditions of men. Right. So let’s dive into why did Metatron contact you in the first place?
[00:12:58] Nina Bingham: Yeah. Um,
[00:12:59] Ed Watters: Do you have an answer to that?
[00:13:00] Nina Bingham: Of course I asked that question because, so my background is professionally, is completely not any of this, okay. So, um, uh, I’ve got two degrees, undergrad degrees in psychology, okay. So I, I know a lot about human psychology and development. And then I’ve got a master’s of science and mental health counseling.
[00:13:21] So for 18 years I was a life coach and mental health counselor. I worked for the state of Oregon, and I know that’s where you’re broadcasting from today, yeah, Oregon. Um, I actually, I lived there for 25 years, I worked downtown in Portland, Oregon. Um, and so I just been here in Tucson for a couple of years and I’m enjoying the sunshine like crazy.
[00:13:41] But, uh, you know, my background has been, um, psychology and mental health, and then I became a writer. Um, my first book was some poetry and after the poetry, I wrote a clinical book on addiction. So, you know, I’m not, I don’t think I’m necessarily a likely person for something like this. And so when the thoughts started coming to me and these messages,
[00:14:04] there’s 30 messages in the book. When these messages started coming to me, it’s so strong that I literally couldn’t think of anything else Ed, until I wrote them down. I mean, it was like a tape recorder, you know, at full speed and you can’t focus on anything else until you get them the heck on some paper,
[00:14:22] okay. That’s what it was like, it was overwhelming. Um, and when it first happened, I was completely against this. Because I thought, I thought who’s going to believe me first off, you know, oh, I’m talking to an angel, really? You’re crazy and you’re a mental health counselor. You know, it’s like, it’s, it’s almost like they picked me because I’m a mental health counselor.
[00:14:46] It’s like, let’s pick the person who’s, who’s working with crazy people. Anyway, it just seems like the other side has a sense of humor that way. So I was totally [00:15:00] against this. I was like, I don’t like this woo woo stuff. I’m a researcher, I’m a huge researcher and that’s kind of maybe why they did pick me because I love to research and dig.
[00:15:11] I’m a digger like you and I don’t take anybody’s word for it, I want to know the truth. And sometimes the truth is found in books and not necessarily what people are telling you. So maybe that’s one reason. But when I asked them, I asked Metatron why me? And he just said, your open heart, you have an open heart.
[00:15:34] And with angels, it’s all about your heart. They don’t really care what you do for a living, they don’t care what degrees you have, uh, they don’t care how much money you have, none of that stuff matters to an angel. The only thing that matters to them is, is your heart open? Do you have an open mind? And it’s just exactly what you were saying,
[00:15:56] if you have an open mind, then I think some very interesting, uh, revelations await you. Because that’s all, that’s all it takes is just an open mind. And then being willing to ask questions, being, being curious, and being willing and open to asking questions and that’s all they ever told me. So that’s, that’s the best answer I got, Ed.
[00:16:19] Ed Watters: Yeah, well, sometimes we, we elude the answers really. Uh, they’re, they’re sometimes hidden within the message themselves. So we have to be careful, take it slow and easy, and understand. You know, myself, I was injured and I was ready to just give up, I was done with the world and I didn’t want anything to do with anything anymore.
[00:16:50] I gave up and I wanted out of it. That’s when I was slapped by God, basically, you know? I don’t know, uh, how deep you are into everything, but I actually speak with God personally. He doesn’t always answer. And His answers aren’t words, you know, He’s not in my head, He doesn’t talk, He slaps me in different ways to wake me up.
[00:17:22] And if, if you’re listening in the right way, you’re in tune to what is happening. During my injury,
[00:17:34] Nina Bingham: I was
[00:17:35] just going to say your open heart is exactly why you’re receiving information because you’re open to it. And that’s really all it takes.
[00:17:44] Ed Watters: Yeah, it’s a wonder. I still question a lot of things, you know, but I’m, I’m open and I’m tuning into what is happening around me, not only in the physical world, but the,
[00:18:01] the, the spiritual, you know, the universe is large and we have no clue, like the depth of the ocean, what it’s about. So when I was injured, I really went through a bout of depression that my wife couldn’t even understand who and what I was going through. And that really hurts me when my own wife is telling me, Hey, you’ve got some issues what’s happening? Well, as I’m putting my belongings into a little storage shed and moving my wife and my animals into a little minivan to live.
[00:18:55] I’m about finished with that. And I have a mental breakdown and I have this F you fight with God Himself in the parking lot of the storage facility. My wife, she’s inside and she’s kind of running out saying, what the, who are you talking to? You know, who are you screaming at? This can really throw people
[00:19:24] into turmoils when things like this happen, when you think, why are you doing this? Are you talking to me? And why not? When I first really talked to God is when my mother died and the answer I got is just overwhelming. And that’s another story and I’ve spoken of it in previous podcasts. When we tune in and listen and we’re receptive and we don’t care what people think [00:20:00] and what we’re going to be betrayed as, and, or portrayed as, and the betrayal that we’ll receive from people that are close to us, the world’s hard enough.
[00:20:15] Why throw all of this on top of an individual is beyond me. But obviously you’ve got a message and what that message is has to get out in whatever time frame He has set. And it’s up to us to do what He’s called us to do no matter where it takes us. And you mentioned an incident, remember Saul he turned into Paul because he was one of those that persecuted Christ in the most cruel ways.
[00:21:00] But yet he’s the one that God reached down and touched and turned. Those people that actually are touched by God or by a messenger of God, you’d better listen to them. You know, it’s, it’s one of those things.
[00:21:24] Nina Bingham: You know, one thing that as you’re talking that occurred to me, you, you asked me earlier, what is it, uh, why do you think that, you know, you were chosen to do this work? And, um, you know, as you were talking, one thing that popped into my mind is that oftentimes people are chosen for these, these, um, spiritual,
[00:21:46] I’ll just call them missions. I dunno what else to call them spiritual missions because they’re passionate people, okay. And I think that it does take a fair amount of passion if you’re going to pull something like this off. Because to tell people who have just dimly heard of an angel and that’s all they know about it.
[00:22:06] And to ask them to, to believe that an angel is actually talking to a mental health counselor and she’s writing down what, what he’s saying into many books, um, it is kind of a leap, okay, for most people. So you’ve got to be really a passionate person to pull something like this off. Um, and I think that’s another requirement, you know?
[00:22:29] Um, I’ve always been a passionate person. I’ve, what I’ve, I like to say whatever I do, I do 110%, you know, even if it’s making a mistake, I want to make it 110% of a mistake. So everybody knows I made the mistake. I’m just that kind of a passionate person about things and I think it takes that. Um, what do you think in order to do this kind of work?
[00:22:52] Ed Watters: Yeah, passion drives everything, especially in the physical world, because without passion, you have no energy. And that passion really makes you plug into the energy that you’re part of anyway. So,
[00:23:08] Nina Bingham: And the other,
[00:23:10] the other thing you said that I really like, um, and I really relate to is that you’ve got to not care about what people think.
[00:23:18] And I think that was my main objection, you know, um, when this all first started going through my head and coming to me, all these messages and stuff. And I was just like, You know, what are people going to think? I mean, I must’ve said that a hundred times, you know, and that was the main objection. And, and I really had to get over that.
[00:23:36] And at this point I can honestly say I don’t care because the message that’s in the books is so positive. Really Metatron is trying to say two things in this, in this book Messages From Metatron. Um, and I’ll have to tell you about the new book that I’ve got coming out this spring too, angels again. Um, but this book’s message is pretty clear.
[00:23:58] It says that we’re all one, okay. So all the divisions that we see, and we’re always calling it out, and we’re always fighting about, mean absolutely nothing in the afterlife. And really, they don’t mean very much here either, we just blow them up and pretend like they mean something, okay. So that we could be right about what we want to be right about.
[00:24:20] But in his book, he keeps saying over and over, you guys aren’t getting it, we’re all one. Okay, I’m you you’re me, we’re all in this together. And I think that’s a big message in this book. Um, what did I say the other message is? Uh, you know, he talks a lot about the, the afterlife and, um, basically I think he, he keeps trying to say in different ways that this isn’t all there is. And that, um, not only can we have hope for the afterlife, um, and that it, yeah, it’s a better place, but that we need to be mindful of what we’re [00:25:00] doing with our lives now, so that we, when we get there, right,
[00:25:04] we’re happy with what we did with our life. So keeping not just today before us, but that, you know, we’re going to answer for this life that we have lived. And if, we probably need to keep that in the forefront as we’re making our decisions going about life. So it’s an important book because I think it brings out those two themes.
[00:25:25] Ed Watters: Yeah, transformation is part of life in everywhere we look, you know, look at a butterfly. It starts as a larva or before a larva, but it’s laid, a larva comes out, it cocoons up during that cocooning and that transformation to a butterfly. There’s a lot of turmoils going on inside, a lot of heat that is transforming
[00:25:53] us into beauty just like that butterfly. And that’s what our life here on this earth is truly about. You know, the Bible itself talks about the cup of wrath is not filled yet. And, you know, we, we have to understand if we get filled up with all of this chaos, and anger, and hurt, and violence, we don’t want it anymore.
[00:26:20] So when we open the cocoon up and we fly away from that spewing mess that we were in, it’s going to be a beautiful thing. A lot of people have trouble even relating with that because they’re so into the physical world, because the physical world’s pretty demanding. Now in your book it talks about, uh, us being like a hologram, a projection.
[00:26:59] My question to that is if, if we are an illusion, a hologram, why do we have all of the sensory, the understanding, the touch, the feel, the hostilities, why would the hologram itself feel that?
[00:27:20] Nina Bingham: Great. Um, I guess the only answer, because I’m not, that’s the other thing that was my objection to being the author of this book is that I don’t know anything about physics and a lot of what Metatron talks about is connected to the, to physics.
[00:27:36] And I didn’t know anything about physics. I didn’t understand parallel universes and all this stuff that he talks about. Never even had a physics class in high school. So, um, so I can give you my best answer, but, but know that it’s not coming from a person who, who’s a physics major or knows very much about it. But, um, a lot of times, uh, and I’m actually channeling a new book now and I’ve asked some of these questions,
[00:28:06] okay. This is kind of the same question you asked is like, why do we have to go through all this stuff? You know, all the negative emotions. Um, if, if this is, if God is just dreaming, okay, and we’re God’s dream, why do we have to suffer? Why do we have to suffer so? Why is it so painful? Why can’t it be a happy dream and a pleasurable dream?
[00:28:31] You know, why does it have to be a dream that’s got so much suffering, and pain, and grief? Um, and basically as I understand it, let’s say God is dreaming and that this world that we’re involved in and we’re just a character in the dream, okay. The Hindus, I’m a Hindu, the Hindis believe that this is, they call it the Lila or, um, well, lila means a play, a divine play,
[00:28:58] okay. So God is just playing, God is just dreaming, okay, and, and we’re in the dream. And, um, and in your dream, when you dream, right, it seems real. And you have emotions, you cry, you laugh, um, you feel pain in your, in your dream, don’t you? So it’s the same, okay. We’re going to, we’re going to, as dream characters, we’re going to experience all the things that, that we would in our dreams.
[00:29:30] Just like it’s reality so that we don’t know the difference. Um, Hindus believe that this is not reality. They believe that that this is God’s dream, or God’s play, that’s lila. So, um, that would be my answer is that we are just characters in a dream and we’re experiencing things so that it looks real just like in a dream. And when you wake up, you realize, oh, wow, that wasn’t real.
[00:29:57] That’s so crazy cause it seemed like it was so [00:30:00] real. Soon as I wake up and I go, whoa, okay, that seemed so real, right, those really realistic dreams. And that’s the kind of dream we’re, we’re in. It seems really real and we’re experiencing it like it’s real.
[00:30:15] Ed Watters: Well, I want to add to that, you know, I don’t know how many of our listeners have, or yourself have
[00:30:23] experienced what they call deja VU. You know, I have many, many times where, you know, as a child or a young adult, I might be sitting they’re having like a daydream or maybe it was a dream itself. And then many, many years later here I am going, wow, I already did this. Do you have an answer for that? I mean, is this part of this simulation or,
[00:30:58] Nina Bingham: yes, it is.
[00:30:59] Um, Metatron does address that in this book, he addresses pretty much everything in this book. Um, but I don’t know if you’ve gotten to that chapter, but he does talk about that. And he just says, uh, he gives a really kind of a simple answer, but he said that when we get that deja VU experience, he said what’s happening is, it’s like, um, the character that I am now,
[00:31:22] okay, in this reality. Um, in the parallel universes, there may be, say there’s 20 of me, okay. There’s, there’s one of me and there’s 19 parallel universes around me and he says, what happens is, let’s say I’m talking to you in this moment and then all of a sudden I get a deja VU, like ah, I know I did this before. But I know I didn’t do this before, but I know I did.
[00:31:47] And he said at that moment, it’s like, You in a parallel universe has the same experience. So you kind of blend in time on the same spot, if I can say it that way. And when that happens, you both go oh, like this. So, I mean, you have to read it to, he gives a much better, much better answer than I did, but it’s, it’s, it’s um, has to do with time, I guess, and our parallel selves.
[00:32:18] Ed Watters: Yeah, our universe, our world is very mysterious. You know, my wife and I were deep asleep one night and I had an, uh, orbital sander sitting on the table in the living room, not plugged in, the coil wrapped around, the cord wrapped around it. And all of a sudden that thing went off and woke us up for some reason. You know, there’s no physical way that thing could have started bzzz and you know, waking us up.
[00:32:58] So there’s a reason for all of these things that occur to us. Yes. Some, some of us are very closed minded and limited in scope because of, I don’t know why, we, we limit ourselves in some reasoning or some form. Maybe it’s a shock or, uh, uh, uh, I don’t know, hysteria sets in, it’s hard to say. But people are in denial of what is around them beyond the physical.
[00:33:41] And I, I really think one of the good things about our talk today is, people might open up to explore their world and their universe a little more clearly, dive deeper into their beliefs, it’s not to condemn their belief, it’s to open them up to understanding what is beyond your understanding. Could you tell us more about your new book and what we can look forward to on that.
[00:34:17] Nina Bingham: Sure.
[00:34:18] Um, so, okay. So one thing before we jump to the next book, I just want to make sure we mention is, um, I’m starting a podcast, um, on January 21st, which is my birthday next week, I will be 58. And, um, I’ve decided to do a podcast and turn it into a study group for the book. So anybody that has read the book, um, in the back of the book, there’s a study guide and there’s
[00:34:45] uh, 30, 30 messages and 30 lessons that go with it. And so the podcast is going to be a study group where, um, once a month, the third Friday of every month at 12:00 PM, uh, 12 noon on C View Quantum [00:35:00] Network. Um, we’re going to study it together and we’re just going to start with lesson one and go through the book.
[00:35:06] So if you’re interested, anybody out there that’s interested in, in joining us, you know, you can call in and we’re going to talk about the different subjects in the book and the questions that come up around it. And it should be pretty stimulating stuff. Um, but the next book,
[00:35:21] Ed Watters: That’s exciting, could, could
[00:35:22] you send us the link so we can share in the show notes with our listeners, please.
[00:35:29] Nina Bingham: Absolutely, be happy to.
[00:35:30] Ed Watters: Awesome,
[00:35:31] I like it.
[00:35:32] Nina Bingham: Yeah. Um, so the, the next book is 10 Archangels Teach You How To Live An Inspired Life. So it’s, it’s, they’re, they’re, uh, 10 different messages from, these archangels are called the tree of life, according to like the Jewish Kabbalah and some of the Jewish mystical writings. Um, there’s 10 different archangels.
[00:35:55] Um, and so I got 10 different messages, um, for the world. Um, and when I say the world, I mean, Metatron’s book is very personal in a lot of ways. Um, this book is not so personal, it’s, these are big messages for a big world. And, um, you know, some of them talk about the environment, like how the archangels feel about what’s happened with our environment, like the end of the world.
[00:36:20] Subjects like what’s going to happen, you know, like what you guys need to do to plan for this. Um, I mean, just really some really big topics in this book. Um, and so that’s coming out this spring and I’m really excited to share that one and I’m working on a new one, which we’ll see how that comes out.
[00:36:41] Ed Watters: Before we skip on, I want to touch about the artwork on the cover of Metatron.
[00:36:50] Where did that come from and what inspired it?
[00:36:54] Nina Bingham: Yeah. Well, I’ve never seen, I don’t see angels. I know there’s a lady in Ireland that actually sees angels and she’s kind of famous now. I hear them, I don’t see them. Um, I have clairaudience and, and I’ve had it since I was about 11 years old. So I’ve been hearing the other side for a very long time.
[00:37:13] Um, Uh, but I don’t see them. I’ve never seen an angel and frankly, I don’t think I want to. Just writing their stuff down has been enough, overwhelming at times. Enough for me, thanks. Um, so I don’t, I don’t see them. But when Metatron was talking to me, I kept getting a picture in my head, and maybe it was just my imagination making it up,
[00:37:38] cause I have a vivid imagination, but I kept seeing, um, you know, a bearded guy, um, little older guy. Kind of serious, very intense, his eyes were very intense. And I kept seeing it over and over in my mind. And I, and I thought, okay, well, you know, cause that’s what you do, you know, if you’re talking to somebody over the telephone and you never get a chance to see them, your mind is going to make up what they look like.
[00:38:02] So my mind made up this picture of Metatron. And so when the designer said, okay, well, what we need is, we need a graphic, can you find a graphic? Cause I said, well, I want Metatron’s face on the cover. And he says, well, I don’t have any idea what he looks like. He said, I want you to go through some graphics and pick out a picture that looks like Metatron.
[00:38:23] And so I just started looking through, you know, artwork and I, I, when I found it, it was just like, oh my gosh, it was him, like, it was like, I’d seen it before. And it was, it was almost shocking cause I knew immediately that’s what I’d been seeing, okay. And so I grabbed the picture off the internet and I brought it to the
[00:38:44] designer and what it is, what it was is a statue, picture of a statue. And it’s a Viking actually, picture of a viking I guess, it doesn’t look like a viking it looks like an angel to me. But, um, so I took it to the graphic designer and he just kind of, you know, designed it from there. Um, but to me, that’s exactly what Metatron looks like.
[00:39:08] Ed Watters: Yeah, it
[00:39:08] reminded me of the face on the shroud of Turin a little bit, you know, kind of odd, and old, and rugged, it’s kind of, but anyway, uh, so let’s close with, do you have a call to action for people? Where can people find you and how can people find your books?
[00:39:34] Nina Bingham: Okay. So,
[00:39:35] um, you can find my books on Just look up Nina Bingham and you’ll find it.
[00:39:39] Or you can put in Messages From Metatron and they’ll all pop up. Um, I’m also, I’ve got a couple of books on Barnes and Noble. Um, A couple of other places, but you can find them all together on Amazon. And then, um, if you want to read more of my writing, um, I do have a self-help blog, um, and it’s Nina [00:40:00]
[00:40:02] And, uh, there’s about 200 articles that I’ve written on there. And, uh, you know, some media that I’ve done and, um, A lot about the books on that. So you can go to that. And I also have a website that’s if you want to find out about me professionally.
[00:40:23] Ed Watters: And do you have a call to action for people before we leave?
[00:40:28] Nina Bingham: Well,
[00:40:29] if, if, you know, other than, uh, uh, checking out the books, I would love it if people would check out the, um, the new podcast starting on January 21st at 12 noon on c view quantum network. I would love it if people call in, um, even if you haven’t read the book, just call in and give us your opinion and ask some questions and things like that would be wonderful to have, um, to have your opinion and, and yeah, that would be great.
[00:40:56] Ed Watters: Well, I’m super excited to, uh, get ahold of your next book because this stuff intrigues me. You know, you don’t have to agree people, you just have to explore and open yourself to understanding the world around you. And that’s what I like to bring on the Dead America Podcast. And that’s part of everybody feeling dead in America,
[00:41:23] you know, they’re not open to differing opinions. And we don’t have to fight we need to unite, get along, and understand we’re all in it together. Thank you Nina for being here, it was a delight and I’m super excited to share your story with people.
[00:41:44] Nina Bingham: Thanks Ed.
[00:41:45] Ed Watters: Thank you for joining us today. If you found this podcast, enlightening, entertaining, educational in any way. Please share, like, subscribe, and join us right back here next week for another great episode of Dead America Podcast. I’m Ed Watters your host, enjoy your afternoon wherever you may be.


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