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Jeff Abraham

The best way I can describe this conversation would be, "Passion Packed!" As I found in Jeff Abraham, it is not often in our world we see passion. You can feel the level of concern that Jeff has for our world and the people he serves. Jeff's background and expertise in pharmaceuticals taught us a lot from this packed conversation.

When Jeff started talking, I could tell he was more interested in his service and message than in selling you a product. The obvious here would be that the products Jeff sells sell themselves. Click to Tweet

This was a genuine conversation that is sure to help change our world in a small way; however, it could be life-changing to the individuals we might impact with our discussion. Click to Tweet

I hope you find this conversation helpful and that it might have a slight impact on your future.

Jeff Abraham

[00:00:00] Jeff Abraham: You know, one of the things that I think that people love when I'm on a podcast, you find a lot of people go on there, no, I'm just like I was in my twenties, bullshit. Okay. And if that's the case, you're a freak of nature. I'm not a freak of nature, I talk to people all day, every day, let's be honest.

[00:00:16] Jeff Abraham: I don't want other 60 year olds going out there going, why is he so virile and you know, what's wrong with me? I'm gonna be honest, I am not as virile as I was in my twenties, thirties, or forties for that matter, okay. And it's definitely going the wrong direction as I age, but there are things you can do to prolong your potency.


Jeff Abraham: There are things that you can do to enhance the times that you are still intimate. So why not do them? Click to Tweet

[00:00:47] Ed Watters: To overcome you must educate. Educate not only yourself, but educate anyone seeking to learn. We are all Dead America, we can all learn something. To learn, we must challenge what we already understand, the way we do that is through conversation. Sometimes we have conversations with others, however, some of the best conversations happen with ourself.

[00:01:27] Ed Watters: Reach out and challenge yourself. Let's dive in and learn something right now.

[00:01:38] Ed Watters: Today I'm speaking with Jeff Abraham, he is the CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals. Jeff, could you please introduce yourself? Let people know just a little bit about you, please.

[00:01:51] Jeff Abraham: Yeah, I'm a 64 year old male who is the CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals. Uh, we make a line of products, sexual wellness products, marketed under the name Promescent.

[00:02:02] Jeff Abraham: I am, uh, a frequent visitor to a lot of podcasts. I tend to be very open, very honest, very upfront. I believe that, you know, America's the greatest country in the world. I was born here, it gave me an opportunity to better myself. I believe we've come upon some very difficult times, I believe we're at a crossroads and we have to determine which path we take going forward from here.

[00:02:27] Jeff Abraham: You know, business success is all well and good and we've certainly been very successful. Sexual wellness is part of life and it's a big part of life that for whatever reason, people weren't able to talk about for a long period of time. And they were uncomfortable talking about it, which is unfortunate because, I say this to people and it makes me laugh,

[00:02:45] Jeff Abraham: a diabetic is never chastised or feels guilty about taking insulin. Cancer patients never feel guilty or chastised for taking chemo. Why is it that anytime you go, I'm gonna use a sexual aid, oh, he needs help getting it up, oh, he needs help maintaining. And you know, it's like, wait a second, okay, there are legitimate medical reasons why some of these things occur.

[00:03:09] Jeff Abraham: Let's talk about them and address them and let's let people know you're not alone, you know, but that's just one part of what ails society today. We talked a little bit prior to starting the podcast about the state that the country's in and, you know, we need a lot more partisanship. We need, uh, I mean, excuse me, bipartisanship.


Jeff Abraham: We need a lot more people meeting in the middle and you can talk about relationships the same way with men and women. You need to look at it from your partner's point of view, just like we need to, as a country, Click to Tweet
look at it from the opposing political party's point of view. This country has always been best when it's center left, center, center

[00:03:48] Jeff Abraham: right. Any extreme never works, far right, far left. And the, also I will tell you that I have a firm belief that any governing body needs to represent the very people that they govern. Whether it's the United States Senate, you know, the Republican Judicial Committee. You look at it, it's eight white males over 74 years old.

[00:04:09] Jeff Abraham: Is this a country of 74 year old or older white males? Of course not. Even in our industry, in the, uh, advisory boards of the American Urological Association, the Sexual Medicine Society in North America, the International Society of Sexual Medicine, they're all run by complete male advisory boards. Are the only people having sex in this country, males one on one in homosexual relationships?

[00:04:33] Jeff Abraham: Of course not. The majority of relationships are heterosexual. Why aren't there females on these advisory boards? Why aren't there females in minorities, in the governing bodies of the political parties of this country. So there's a theme here, whether it's sex, whether it's politics, whether it's just life in general, we need to communicate better.

[00:04:56] Jeff Abraham: We need to be able to, uh, meet in the middle and compromise and we need to have a higher level of communication so that it establishes trust. There's nothing that makes resolution of anything and compromise worse than when you feel the other side's not listening or not hearing, okay. That leads to frustration, anger, and bitterness, and each side digging themselves in further.

[00:05:21] Jeff Abraham: So whether we're talking about the bedroom, the boardroom, the, you know, political spectrum, We need people to be a little more open. We need people to be a little more willing to compromise and at least hear what the other side has to say before digging in and going, no you're full of shit.

[00:05:38] Ed Watters: Yeah. I agree.

[00:05:39] Ed Watters: You know, that's, that's the blunder we're in, in America, especially. Because, you know, as well as I do wherever America goes, the world always wants to follow that. We've always been that beacon, you know? So, and, and I'm fearful that we're losing that and we're getting a little tarnished. I don't believe that we're not the best, we're not the best country in the world,

[00:06:07] Ed Watters: we still are. We hold that beacon of freedom and this is why right now in our political stance, our world matters the most. People need to be able to speak their mind without being aggravated and ignorant. And you know, if you do research, make sure it's good research and double check. Uh, I like to look at both sides because you'll find truth in both sides. And you kind of have to, you have to mesh 'em together anymore.

[00:06:41] Ed Watters: It's ridiculous. And it's, you know, I liked the days of Walter Cronkite, you know, we, we could turn that sucker on and when the news came on at five, six o'clock, that was the news. Now we're CNN 24/ 7, bling bling. Who's got the best headline and it's got the nest kinda stirring.

[00:07:05] Jeff Abraham: Well, you know

[00:07:06] Jeff Abraham: the difference and I've said this to people and people go, you know, I never thought of that.

[00:07:09] Jeff Abraham: Let me tell you the difference. Back in those days when Walter Cronkite used to come on or, you know, Jennings, Peter whoever, and they had, you know, the nightly news. Networks looked at the news as a loss leader. The news wasn't about revenue, it wasn't about ad revenue. It was about, they made their money on programming and all they did was spit the truth and say news.

[00:07:32] Jeff Abraham: Okay. And it was unbiased, they didn't have a political bet, it was unbiased. Now you have Fox news, you have CNN that are 24 hour news stations that it's all about generating revenue, commercials. So they want to be out there, they want to be having, you know, really controversial opinions and maybe false opinions

[00:07:51] Ed Watters: Opinionated.

[00:07:51] Jeff Abraham: to literally

[00:07:53] Jeff Abraham: make, and some of the news on those stations isn't news, it's infomercials, it's personalities. I saw,

[00:07:59] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:08:00] Jeff Abraham: I saw when Fox news was being sued, and this is the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen, Sean Hannity and, uh, Janine Pirro in their depositions for this lawsuit against disinformation said, people shouldn't take us seriously,

[00:08:14] Jeff Abraham: we're, you know, political, uh, commentators and we're meant to stir up controversies. And you can't say what we're doing is fact. That's not how they advertise themselves, okay. And their listeners aren't sitting there at the beginning of the program, they don't put a disclaimer on the bottom saying a lot of this is complete bullshit,

[00:08:32] Jeff Abraham: we're just stoking fires, you know what I mean? And if you wanna be honest, you can't say in a deposition, why would anyone take us seriously? We're just entertainment and then present yourself as a news channel, CNN's guilty of that as well. They have, all these places are for profit and news should not be for profit. News should be about informing and educating people so that people can make proper decisions.

[00:08:56] Jeff Abraham: If you're going to do

[00:08:56] Ed Watters: I agree.

[00:08:57] Jeff Abraham: entertainment, advertise yourself as entertainment and don't put news in your headline.

[00:09:03] Ed Watters: Yeah. Opinions are not news, they're just hype. And, and you know, when, when we climb onto that bandwagon, especially when we grab it and don't do any research, we saw it, it's real, it's true.

[00:09:19] Ed Watters: What source did that come from? And, and it's very true. We are in a very bad state, you know, we've got, we've pulled our relationships throughout the world to straining points in many ways. And we've gotta be very, very critical and we've gotta be very cautious with our political stance in the world, especially today.

[00:09:46] Jeff Abraham: Right now it's

[00:09:47] Jeff Abraham: critical. The last four years, the last five years, Vladimir Putin couldn't have scripted it any better. He's now pointing, go look at America, this supposedly the shining light of democracy, they're on the verge of a civil war, they don't even trust their own elections. You know that if, if he would've come over here and we would've installed him as president, he couldn't have done a better job of sowing distrust. You know,

[00:10:10] Jeff Abraham: so all these other nations were out there preaching democracy as a way to go, they go, why don't you clean up your own house first? Okay. What the hell is going on in your own country? You're preaching how great democracy is. Look at how dysfunctional you are. And

[00:10:24] Jeff Abraham: that never.

[00:10:24] Ed Watters: Yeah. And, and, and our credibility has weakened because, you know, look at the Crimea,

[00:10:30] Ed Watters: you know, when they annexed it and nothing was done. We've got our, we've got our equipment, we've gotten idle threats.

[00:10:41] Jeff Abraham: Why do you

[00:10:42] Jeff Abraham: think that right now Putin is massing, you know, all his troops that they have right now and threatening Ukraine. Okay. Because everything in the past we've done.

[00:10:53] Jeff Abraham: We've, it's like the parent who says, I'm gonna count to three to their child. You better do this and they count to three. I'm gonna count to three again, I'm gonna count to, you're teaching the child that doesn't mean shit, okay. That's, if you get past two, you gotta whack the kid on the ass and say, I told you don't make me get to three.


Jeff Abraham: If you go, I'm gonna count to three and you go 1, 2, 3. They go I'm gonna count to three again, I'm gonna count to three again. He is gonna go, you're gonna count to three forever and not do anything. Click to Tweet
You have to literally, if you put something in place and say, this is the line you don't walk over, the person walks over the line, you better kick their ass,

[00:11:29] Jeff Abraham: okay. Because you are literally saying, the next time I say, count to three, don't take it seriously, cuz I'm not going to do anything. And I'll tell you, we have an office in Dubai, we have an office in Brussels, we have an office now, we're growing rapidly, we have one in, uh, uh, China. And you know, I talked to the people in the overseas divisions of Promescent and they're like, what is going on over there?

[00:11:53] Jeff Abraham: I'm like, don't blame me, you know, I'm just here, I'm a citizen, you know, there's still a lot of good Americans. They're like, it's, we can't put our faith and our trust in you anymore. It's like, you guys are all over the place. And I go, yeah, we are. The fact that we now have a party trying to discredit elections,

[00:12:12] Jeff Abraham: and here's the crazy part, they filed 48 lawsuits, 47 of 'em got immediately thrown out. And even when you look at what Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are saying in their depositions, they're saying we had no proof, we had no, this. There has to be repercussions for that. You can't try to tear down democracy and go, I just did it

[00:12:31] Jeff Abraham: cuz someone told me to do it. You're an attorney, you can't literally go into court and claim and rile up people and have them attack the U.S. Capital and cause death and then go, well, I didn't really have any facts. I mean, what, where are we? Okay. I'm like, I don't understand how it's taken this long, but I do understand how, you know, certain people are trying to keep us from getting to the truth about what actually happened.

[00:12:58] Jeff Abraham: We need to understand how something happened to make sure it doesn't happen again and it can happen again.

[00:13:04] Ed Watters: And, and that goes on both sides.

[00:13:07] Jeff Abraham: Oh yeah, without a doubt, trust me.

[00:13:10] Ed Watters: Like you said, our politics is a pendulum and,

[00:13:15] Jeff Abraham: It's never in the middle, it's swings too far

[00:13:18] Jeff Abraham: to the one side then it swings too far to the other side,

[00:13:21] Jeff Abraham: it never is in the middle. And lemme tell you something,

[00:13:24] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:13:25] Jeff Abraham: when I see

[00:13:25] Ed Watters: Right they're in the middle.

[00:13:26] Jeff Abraham: Like Elizabeth Warren and the squad with AOC, they're not in line with the typical American. That's one of the reasons, and the Democrats are one of the reasons that Trump actually became a phenomenon, cuz so many people were tired of woke culture and this bullshit where you can't be real and you can't tell a joke,

[00:13:45] Jeff Abraham: okay. But we can't go to the point where we go, let's bring in an autocrat, some complete narcissistic, you know, self-aggrandizing, imbecile into making president because of that. But it started because so many people go, I'm tired of this wokeness, you know? And here's another thing that frustrates me, we can't get to the point where we go,

[00:14:08] Jeff Abraham: okay. We had a housing crisis, okay. Anyone who had a mortgage, upside down, okay. Just relieve the debt and make everyone who paid their mortgage pay for it. You can't get to a point where people like me, who put myself through college, who put my son through college now go, okay, all student debt, cancel it.

[00:14:25] Jeff Abraham: You can't get to a point where during the pandemic, even people who were gainfully employed, never lost a day of work, and who were thriving, get stimulus checks, okay. You can't, it, that's one of the things that the Democrats do is, their goal is to just spend their way out of anything because they don't have to budget anything,

[00:14:43] Jeff Abraham: they just raise taxes. You have to have fiscal sanity, you have to have a point in time where you say, we take care of the underprivileged, we take care of children that are in the poverty level. But they keep coming up with these programs that are so bastardized that everyone and their brother is on them and taking advantage of them,

[00:15:04] Jeff Abraham: people that don't deserve them. So there's, I don't know what the answer is, we need a third party in this country, we need a true libertarian party. But right now, if you vote libertarian, you're throwing your vote away because you have no chance to win.

[00:15:18] Ed Watters: I, I really think, uh, do you know about the Article Five Movement?

[00:15:23] Jeff Abraham: Yes.

[00:15:25] Ed Watters: I, I really believe that's a good start, where we need to push to, because I think we have a lot of career politicians in here doing negative things that really affect our image around the world. So I, I think that is our best movement right now to kind of get a hold on what's going on in Washington and in our local governments, you know, action really needs to start in our grass roots, local,

[00:15:57] Ed Watters: Yeah, you know, your school boards, all of that. And if you're allowing it there, it's just going to aggrandize itself in Washington.

[00:16:07] Jeff Abraham: Well, do you see how many of these local electors now and state, you know, voting commissioners, these nuts that tried to overturn the election are now running. So they have the blueprint, how they can overturn an election.

[00:16:20] Jeff Abraham: I'm a firm believer that no one should be denied the right to vote, all votes should be counted. And if a political party feels that they're not able to win an election, then change your politics. Don't change the law so that you can overturn votes, deny people the opportunity to vote, that's insanity.

[00:16:40] Ed Watters: Yes. Well, you know, we pay our politicians a lot of money. And they're getting financially wealthy and they're getting their retirement paid for, you know, so,

[00:16:52] Jeff Abraham: A glorious retirement at

[00:16:55] Jeff Abraham: that.

[00:16:55] Ed Watters: Exactly. We should expect more from them. And I think they, they spend way too much time on CNN, Fox, all of these things, and they need to spend more time in the office doing their job instead of relying on committee based politics.

[00:17:15] Jeff Abraham: Oh

[00:17:15] Jeff Abraham: yeah. But think about this for a second, okay. You see AOC go to the Met Gala ball, wearing a dress that says tax the rich, and she's going to a $30,000 event, how insane is that? and how tone deaf is that? But think about Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert and that other absolute numb skull, Marjorie Taylor Greene, can you think of any policy, or any litigation, or, uh, legislation they've ever worked on or past?

[00:17:44] Jeff Abraham: The answer is no, I've researched it. All they are are talking heads trying to be controversial and say insane things and drum up conspiracy theories. That's why you, you're not elected for that reason. You're elected to go to Washington and have dialogue and create legislation to help people. There is nothing

[00:18:02] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:18:03] Jeff Abraham: further from the truth of what they do, nothing.

[00:18:06] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:18:06] Jeff Abraham: I dunno if you saw the article today, she did a video on some right wing news channel last night, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and she said, this is how uneducated and how nonsensical this is, she said Nancy Pelosi and her Gazpacho police. Gazpacho, that's a soup,

[00:18:26] Ed Watters: Gazpacho.

[00:18:27] Jeff Abraham: Okay.

[00:18:27] Jeff Abraham: Instead of gestapo.

[00:18:30] Ed Watters: Gestapo.

[00:18:31] Jeff Abraham: I'm like how

[00:18:33] Jeff Abraham: uneducated and how moronic do you have to be? That's just one of many, you know what I mean? And she has a G E D, she didn't graduate from high school. You know, color me crazy, but I think having a high school diploma should be at least a bare minimum to be a Congress person,

[00:18:53] Jeff Abraham: okay. Are you kidding me? I mean, really? In this day and age?

[00:19:00] Ed Watters: Our, our,

[00:19:01] Ed Watters: yeah, our world is kind of declining.

[00:19:05] Jeff Abraham: It, I mean, when I think of Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill, one was Republican, one was a Democrat, having fierce debate and going out to dinner and having a drink together. You know what I mean? I look at that as two statesmen, you know what I mean?

[00:19:19] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:19:20] Jeff Abraham: Literally, when you look at,

[00:19:21] Ed Watters: It was different.

[00:19:22] Jeff Abraham: It was different. When you look at John McCain and Joe Biden back when Joe Biden was young and virile, not the fricking lame ass version we have now where he can't remember what he had for breakfast. But they, one was a Democrat, one was a Republican, they sponsored legislation together.

[00:19:36] Jeff Abraham: They went on trips to war zones

[00:19:37] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:19:38] Jeff Abraham: together. They were best friends, okay. They literally put their country above their party, okay.

[00:19:44] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:19:45] Jeff Abraham: There's none of that now none, zero.

[00:19:48] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:19:49] Jeff Abraham: And that's why,

[00:19:49] Ed Watters: And that's, that's, we lack compromise.

[00:19:52] Jeff Abraham: Yeah, but that's why I admire Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney,

[00:19:57] Jeff Abraham: they said, listen, I'm an American before I'm a Republican. I'm going on this committee, we are gonna find out what happened on January 6th.

[00:20:05] Ed Watters: Yeah. And we need that.

[00:20:07] Jeff Abraham: We need it.

[00:20:08] Ed Watters: You know, I've, I've, I've been longing for that and many other people. You know, I don't care what the truth is,

[00:20:17] Jeff Abraham: I just wanna know what it is,

[00:20:18] Ed Watters: It needs to be there.

[00:20:20] Ed Watters: Yes. I want to know the truth. You know, and then we, as a society can sort all of that out. It's remarkable.

[00:20:29] Jeff Abraham: Let people know the truth than they can determine what path they want to take forward when they go into the voting booth or whatever. But without the facts, but I think it's becoming very obvious when you see what's going on with shredded documents and all this stuff that, you know, that some really bad, bad things were going on.

[00:20:48] Jeff Abraham: There was an overt attempt to overthrow a legitimate election and that is undeniable and unquestionable. That can never happen because without

[00:20:58] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:20:58] Ed Watters: a fair, and if the

[00:21:00] Jeff Abraham: losing side doesn't accept defeat, then you don't have a democracy anymore.

[00:21:05] Ed Watters: Well, I look back at 2000 with the Gore/ Bush thing. You know, Al Gore stepped aside.

[00:21:16] Ed Watters: He,

[00:21:16] Jeff Abraham: He had a

[00:21:16] Jeff Abraham: legitimate case more than Donald Trump to say,

[00:21:19] Jeff Abraham: It was razor thin.

[00:21:21] Ed Watters: I, I would agree with that.

[00:21:23] Jeff Abraham: Yeah, and he literally said for the good of this country, we need to move forward. I am going to, you know, step aside and allow George Bush to assume the presidency.

[00:21:35] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:21:35] Jeff Abraham: And that is,

[00:21:36] Ed Watters: And I'll work it out in the court.

[00:21:38] Jeff Abraham: Yes, exactly.

[00:21:40] Ed Watters: You know, and that's the way it worked, that's the way it should have worked this time. And it was insulting that Trump did what he did. You know,

[00:21:48] Jeff Abraham: think about it, they

[00:21:48] Jeff Abraham: went to court and got slaughtered, okay. They were laughed out of court and here they are over a year later still repeating the same lies.

[00:21:58] Ed Watters: Yeah. It, it's kind of ridiculous. And, uh, You know, there's, there's checks and balances to keep that from happening. And it, it seems that the people didn't have the power to stand up to what was happening. Uh, and when we lack the courage to say no to the power, we,

[00:22:26] Ed Watters: we've already lost.

[00:22:28] Jeff Abraham: Let me tell you something, you know, how close those guard rails came to not holding,

[00:22:32] Jeff Abraham: if people like Brad Raffensperger in Georgia would've literally found the extra 12,792 votes that he, that Trump asked him for, we could have literally been in a constitutional crisis and literally had two parties claiming the presidency. When you look at, at the actual facts, this alternative slate of electors, they knew they lost and they were pressing ahead

[00:22:58] Jeff Abraham: through absolutely fraudulent means trying to overturn a just election.

[00:23:04] Ed Watters: Yeah.

[00:23:05] Jeff Abraham: And it starts,

[00:23:06] Ed Watters: Well, our Electoral College is there for a reason. You know, and, and you can't deny it, it's there. And it's there for a reason.

[00:23:18] Jeff Abraham: But you know, the thing that people need to understand, in a lot of these states, like it was the Republicans who went, this election was fair in this state.

[00:23:27] Jeff Abraham: It was the Republicans in the states that actually said, wait a second, you're asking us to, we've done our checks and balances, we've done these recounts. Think about this, Trump's own handpicked cyber ninjas who went into Arizona and said, we're proving this, went in there and they found out Biden won by a larger margin than was reported.

[00:23:49] Jeff Abraham: And that was a dubious company. So we had a fair election, we elected a president. If you don't like it, then start planning how to retake it four years later. Don't start saying the election was fraudulent and destroy people's faith in actually casting their

[00:24:08] Jeff Abraham: ballot.

[00:24:09] Ed Watters: And another thing there, you know, our presidency office is not a person, so it's an office and that is sacred,

[00:24:23] Ed Watters: that's honorable and it was childish behavior, yes. Uh, I think we're back in high school.

[00:24:32] Jeff Abraham: Yeah.

[00:24:33] Jeff Abraham: Even now

[00:24:34] Ed Watters: It's ridiculous.

[00:24:35] Jeff Abraham: He continues to tarnish the office of the president. He's, he is, he literally put himself above the country, above the office of the presidency. This pettiness,

[00:24:46] Jeff Abraham: and let me tell you something by continuing to re-litigate it, 2020. He's gonna harm the Republican's opportunity to retake the Senate and the house in 2022. And that's why you see like Epps now and McConnell coming out and saying, you're wrong.

[00:25:02] Ed Watters: Chris

[00:25:02] Ed Watters: Christie's doing it.

[00:25:04] Jeff Abraham: Exactly.

[00:25:04] Ed Watters: There's quite a few of them.

[00:25:06] Jeff Abraham: Yeah. Focus on

[00:25:08] Jeff Abraham: what the Democrats aren't doing right now. Focus on what you can do better and have people go, we need to switch back to being Republicans rather than I think he is literally so ill formed ego wise that he can't handle the fact that he lost an election. And this is what it's about,

[00:25:27] Jeff Abraham: it's not about what's right. He can't stand that he lost. He is, he's like a whiny high school kid that, you know, asked someone to go to the prom and the gal said no. And he is spending the rest of his life trying to prove that he should have, you know, been given a yes rather than a no.

[00:25:45] Ed Watters: Yeah. There's a big ego in Donald Trump.

[00:25:47] Ed Watters: You know, I did not vote for Donald Trump the first time. And I, I was, I was so darned, what do we do here at this last election? You know, my vote doesn't even count anyway, but, uh,

[00:26:08] Jeff Abraham: I voted for Gary

[00:26:11] Jeff Abraham: Johnson in 2016, I voted libertarian. I voted for Gary Johnson, I didn't like Hillary Clinton. I go, I'm not voting for Donald Trump.

[00:26:19] Jeff Abraham: This past election I voted for Joe Biden, but let me be clear, that was a, anybody, but Trump vote. I wasn't voting for Joe Biden, I was voting against Donald Trump. I go, I would vote for anyone. I literally, if they would've said here's the choices, Donald Trump or vote this other box and after the election, we will literally put every name of every person in the United States in a hat and pull one out.

[00:26:45] Jeff Abraham: I would've voted for that box, above voting for Donald Trump.

[00:26:50] Ed Watters: The, the reason I didn't vote for Biden is because I thought he was too old and I didn't think he would make it four years without incident. You know, he's been a statesman for many, many years.

[00:27:05] Jeff Abraham: Well,

[00:27:06] Jeff Abraham: this is his first run for president, he lost three other times.

[00:27:09] Ed Watters: Yeah.

[00:27:09] Jeff Abraham: Like how many frickin', I mean,

[00:27:11] Jeff Abraham: but think about where we're at as a country. Where the last two elections, our choice for president was Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and Joe Biden and Donald Trump, out of the three of them, it makes me disgusted to have to vote for any of them.

[00:27:26] Ed Watters: Yeah. This is interesting though, because this is where a third party candidate might actually have

[00:27:33] Ed Watters: a bigger chance in the next election.

[00:27:35] Jeff Abraham: A bigger chance,

[00:27:36] Jeff Abraham: but still no chance. There's too much money in the Republican Democrat

[00:27:40] Ed Watters: That's true.

[00:27:40] Jeff Abraham: Parties. There's too much power, there's too much money. You're right, a bigger chance might be they might get 4% rather than 2%, you know, but,

[00:27:48] Ed Watters: Well, that's true because they're always stifled out of any of the conversation

[00:27:52] Ed Watters: anyway.

[00:27:53] Jeff Abraham: Absolutely.

[00:27:54] Jeff Abraham: There's the, the, the money that you need to raise to become president now is what a billion dollars, you know? I mean, to become a governor now you need to fricking raise 50 or 70 million dollars, it's insane.

[00:28:06] Ed Watters: It's ridiculous.

[00:28:07] Jeff Abraham: It's too

[00:28:08] Jeff Abraham: much power, too much money. And that's what's keeping,

[00:28:10] Ed Watters: It's pay to play.

[00:28:12] Jeff Abraham: Pay to play.

[00:28:13] Jeff Abraham: I would tell you this, when a person gets elected, they spend their term paying back all the people with favors that literally bankrolled 'em to get into the position, they're not doing the right thing. They're, they're literally having to make laws and favor certain things to pay back the people that gave them the capital to get the position, that's wrong.

[00:28:37] Jeff Abraham: But it's who we are right now.

[00:28:40] Ed Watters: Yeah. And you know, I, I really think that it's, uh, we're at a critical mass. And it's, it's just gonna keep going in on itself. I, I don't see a way right now and I'm, I'm a pretty good optimistic guy when it comes to our freedoms, America. But I'm, I'm worried myself about what's going on and how

[00:29:08] Ed Watters: are we going to turn this around? And I think that really happens through good conversation, a direct conversation. So let's get into, uh, your company and what it is doing for people, because this is another critical thing in America, is a lot of people are overstressed and that causes PE you know, So,

[00:29:42] Jeff Abraham: PE,

[00:29:42] Jeff Abraham: exactly.

[00:29:44] Ed Watters: Yeah. So stress is a big multiplier of not doing anything. If we can limit the stress and all of the worries of the world, it might not be a big problem, but it is right now. Tell us more about

[00:30:04] Ed Watters: what you're doing.

[00:30:05] Jeff Abraham: Well, this company was founded in the 2009, 2010 timeframe and the Genesis and the heartbeat and soul of this company initially was Dr.

[00:30:16] Jeff Abraham: Ronald Gilbert, urologist in orange county, California, Hoag hospital, Newport Beach. When people come to see him for prostate issues, ED, uh, incontinence, he had many choices. You come to see him for Ed, he's got Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, Trimix, you know, all these things. People come to see him for PE he'd go, well, you're kind of on your own. You know, here's your two options.

[00:30:40] Jeff Abraham: You can take SSRIs, which are referred to as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to, that's the medical term, but what they are, are the depression drugs, PAXil, Prozac, Zoloft. Those drugs actually allow a man to last longer, but they come with severe side effects. You know, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, uh, loss of libido, uh, suicidal thoughts,

[00:31:03] Jeff Abraham: that's very extreme. I use the analogy it's like putting out a candle with a fire hose. You know, you don't, you know, some of those side effects are worse than having PE. So that really wasn't a viable option. There were also these numbing creams and numbing sprays out there that literally would allow a man to last long, cuz they totally numbed him up and they numbed his partner as well.

[00:31:26] Jeff Abraham: So I tell people, you might as well go take a spin class or a hot yoga class. You're moving and everybody's sweating, but you're not gonna achieve climax cause you're both numb as hell. So that didn't really work. So what he did was he got together with an PhD, inorganic chemist by the name of Dr. Tony Caprimachio.

[00:31:45] Jeff Abraham: They developed a eutectic formula, which we patented, which literally changes the crystal structure of lidocaine from a solid to an oil aqueous form. So what it does, lidocaine in its pure form is a solid crystal. So the other products, it would sit on your skin and it would numb you and then it would transfer numb your partner.

[00:32:06] Jeff Abraham: So this eutectic formula changes that crystal structure to an oil aqueous form. So you apply it, it absorbs past the dermis, subdermis so it gives the man a much higher degree of surface sensitivity and it doesn't transfer to the female partner. So it allows a man to last much longer, but also enjoy it and feel it, and it doesn't transfer to his partner.

[00:32:31] Jeff Abraham: So that was our initial product, we got very popular. We did some clinical trials, the medical community embraced us and you know, it, the product grew insanely well. We're very, very successful, so we're very, very thankful for that. We then started to branch out because we live in a society now, like if anyone thinks that the 7, 8 billion dollars a year in sales of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are for people for PE, I got some swamp land

[00:33:00] Jeff Abraham: I wanna sell you in Florida. You know what I mean? People wanna optimize themselves, 50 year old guys wanna feel like they were 20, you know, that kind of thing. So it's performance enhancing. And let's step out of the world of PE and just talk about the average normal, healthy male, the average normal, healthy female.

[00:33:16] Jeff Abraham: The average normal, healthy male lasts 5 minutes and 42 seconds during penetration and thrusting during intercourse before climaxing, the average female takes 18 minutes of thrusting in penetration before achieving climax. So they even have a term for it in the, in medical community called the arousal gap or the orgasm gap.

[00:33:37] Jeff Abraham: So we started growing rapidly just for people who wanted that better intimacy, not PE patients. So up until 2018, that was our only product, we're doing really well. And then I talked to my customers, I listened to my customers. A lot of 'em were saying, men and women, Hey, this is great, you know, can you recommend a lube or develop a lube?

[00:33:57] Jeff Abraham: You know, when I was lasting 30 seconds, I didn't really need lubrication. Now I'm lasting 10 minutes, I, I need some lubrication. So we developed a line of lubes, a water lube, an organic Aloe Vera lube, and then Silicon lube. And those went really, really well, very well, were very successful. Then a lot of women were like, Hey, you know, you got products for men,

[00:34:15] Jeff Abraham: what about us? So we developed a female arousal gel and that was a revolutionary product, it just took off. It's a warming gel, it's not something systemic, it's not gonna change the world, it's not gonna make you orgasmic if you can't orgasm, but it enhances orgasm. It helps get you moist, it helps, you know, really anticipate and, and get more aroused because it brings a warming sensation

[00:34:44] Jeff Abraham: into the vulva and into the clitoris, which is obviously the women's sexual organs. So it became a very, very hot product for us. We then developed a line of massage oils that went very well. From that, we developed a product called VitaFLUX, one of the doctors on our advisory board, and it was a world leader for us,

[00:35:05] Jeff Abraham: it's a nitric oxide supplement. What nitric oxide supplements do, and it has benefits outside of sexuality, what nitric oxide supplements do is they increase blood flow. When you increase blood flow, you recover from workouts, stress, and stuff much better because the way you recover from any kind of stress on your body is by getting oxygenated, rich blood into that area

[00:35:25] Jeff Abraham: and that's what that does. So it really helped. But what it does in terms of sexual benefit, which is obviously very important to us is, we're a sexual wellness company, everybody on every vein and artery in your body has an epithelial layer. That's when you're young, it's very supple. It surrounds, you know, your veins and your arteries, and it allows good stuff, hormones, and vitamins, and minerals to get into the bloodstream.

[00:35:51] Jeff Abraham: And it keeps bad stuff, viruses and bacteria out. As you age, for men and women in your mid thirties, that epithelial layer hardens. When it hardens, it's extra good at keeping bad stuff out, but it starts keeping good stuff out. It starts keeping out hormones, vitamins, minerals. And then the average man after 35 has a three quarters of 1% increase in body fat and a loss of 1% of lean muscle tissue every year.

[00:36:20] Jeff Abraham: Same thing for females, your libido goes down because your hormones don't absorb. An additional benefit for women, as you have less hormones between going through the change and then aging and your epithelial layer hardening, women lose the ability to naturally moisturize. So they have to use a lot more outside lubrication. Because VitaFLUX softens up that epithelial layer and allows better hormone absorption,

[00:36:48] Jeff Abraham: we have women who lost the ability to naturally lubricate that regain it by taking VitaFLUX. So that product was really, really, really good for us, both men and women. And it really put us on the map big time with women and our female business started to grow. It was then a logical step for us to go into the toys and vibrator area.

[00:37:09] Jeff Abraham: And we did in, uh, August of last year and it was a shocking and immediate success. And you know, it really surprised me because I reached out to a lot of people and I sent out this email and said, Hey, you know, we're really pleased that, you know, you're enjoying and buying vibrators from us, but what gave you the confidence?

[00:37:29] Jeff Abraham: Because we're known as lotions, and creams, and supplements, we were never into hardware or toys. And it was funny because the results were very specific and they were like, listen, if it's on this site, we know it's top quality. We know it's quality and we know you stand behind it a hundred percent. and you know, that really, really hit the hammer on or hit the nail on the head.

[00:37:54] Jeff Abraham: And let me know that we are now our brand, okay. We're no longer a product here or a product, we're a brand. And I've always told people that before we'll introduce a new product, anytime we go into an exploratory stage and we go, okay, what's out there, cuz a lot of our customers tell us we want this area,

[00:38:13] Jeff Abraham: first of all, we determine if the market is large enough, then we do our research and we will not brand a product unless it is equal to or superior to the other products in that group. Because to me, that's what makes us different, okay. Is you go anything on that site, I can order it with confidence. Plus we have a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. And we're not like, sometimes people do that, but you have to pay $7. 95 shipping

[00:38:41] Jeff Abraham: then you have to send it back. You go, even though it's supposedly free, I bought something for $23. I paid $16, you know, between the $7. 95 to get it shipped to me, we have free shipping. You don't pay for shipping, our shipping is free. We don't ask you to send it back if you're dissatisfied, so it truly is a zero risk on your part.

[00:39:04] Jeff Abraham: And you know, we also have condoms, you know, and that kind of stuff. But I will tell you, our condoms are no different than anyone else's, I'm not gonna say they're better. They're as good as, for this reason, there's like three factories in the world that make condoms. One week, they make 7 million duration condoms,

[00:39:20] Ed Watters: Yeah, that's true.

[00:39:20] Jeff Abraham: they shut down, it's unbelievable. I was like, what? So we went ahead and made however, millions of condoms we made because a lot of people said, Hey, I come to this site, I buy my female arousal gel, I buy my VitaFLUX, I buy my delay spray, I don't wanna have to go somewhere else to find condoms. So we did that as a convenience,

[00:39:38] Jeff Abraham: okay. So you can get everything in one stop. Now they're as good as anything else, they're not better. But I will tell you that VitaFLUX, our female arousal gel, and our delay spray are clearly the best of breed. They are the best products in those particular categories. And that's why you come to, our vibrators are superb too,

[00:39:56] Jeff Abraham: that's why you come to our website. That's why you buy from us because you go, these products are signature products and they are better. I've always told people, I don't wanna be the cheapest, I wanna be cost effective, but I wanna be the best. I wanna bring in elegance to this space and I want people to say, this is where I go, because I have total confidence.

[00:40:18] Jeff Abraham: And I know for some reason, if I'm unhappy, I get my money back unquestioned and it's a class act of a company. I want to bring in elegance to this space. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. In our delay spray we compete with products, I wish I was joking, called Do Me Long and Hard, deer antler extract, bull testicle, derivative.

[00:40:39] Jeff Abraham: You know, I'm like, are you freaking kidding me? How desperate do you have to be? Sharkfin, you know? Our products are made in pharmaceutical grade manufacturing conditions, under pharmaceutical, with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. You know, they're in a class 100 clean room, this is not in someone's garage. And you've all seen those stories,

[00:40:59] Jeff Abraham: how some of these gas station boner pills are laced with Sildenafil and all this stuff. That is so dangerous cuz Sildenafil and some of those products, they're prescription for a reason. If you have, you know, diabetes, heart conditions, they can cause death, okay. And that's so inappropriate to ever market those things and put that stuff in your product without disclosing it and not going through proper regulatory.

[00:41:25] Jeff Abraham: You can rest assured when you buy products from us that they have clinical trials, they're safety tested, they're manufactured under pharmaceutical grade conditions. We have a board of advisors, we have the president of the international sexual, international society of sexual medicine on our board, Dr.

[00:41:41] Jeff Abraham: Wayne Hellstrom from Tulane University, Dr. Mohit Khera, Dr. Larry Levine. These are some of the sexual experts in the world that are on our advisory board. And when people see that they're like, wow, that's impressive. I said, well, they know who we are, they know what products that we have, we ask them to consult before we introduce them.

[00:42:02] Jeff Abraham: More importantly, they've been involved in some of the clinical trials. They know that they work, they know that they're safe. And,

[00:42:09] Ed Watters: And,

[00:42:09] Ed Watters: and Jeff right there, can I break in? Uh, because clinical trials mean they went under FDA approval also.

[00:42:19] Jeff Abraham: Yes.

[00:42:20] Jeff Abraham: Some of ours are FDA compliant, they don't have to go through a trial, but they are FDA compliant.

[00:42:26] Jeff Abraham: That means that they're approved by the FDA under a monograph. More importantly, some of these clinical trials are for efficacy. So what it is is they have a control group. These people are taking a placebo, these people are taking your product and it has to be statistically significant, meaning it can't be 51 out of, you know, 100 say it works

[00:42:46] Jeff Abraham: and 49 say it doesn't. Statistically significant means it has to be overwhelming, that an overwhelming number of people, so it can't be biased. It can't be, you know, an accident. Really saying this product works versus a placebo. So our clinical trials are IRB certified, that's Institutional Review Board, that's the highest medical standard and they have to be significant, statistically significant. Meaning after the trial, there's irrefutable evidence that people have a higher degree of satisfaction using these products as opposed to using,

[00:43:19] Ed Watters: yeah.

[00:43:20] Jeff Abraham: So,

[00:43:21] Ed Watters: Well, you know, that VitaFlux that you're selling, that's a big area. It's a big market because my wife, she, she uses a product, it's one of the competitors, you know, and I'm not gonna bad mouth them, but in a comparison, each of these are a month's supply. And from experience, my wife knows that this is a good product because of what's in it.

[00:43:57] Jeff Abraham: Oh.

[00:43:58] Ed Watters: Now the competition, it gives you a compacted pill and it's a way less dosage. So it's not going to digest and get into your system as well. So it's remarkable what you've done here. Uh, just for the wellness of women and men, it's incredible. Could you talk to us a little more about the nitric oxide boost in this and why, why is that important

[00:44:36] Ed Watters: not just to your libido, but to your health?

[00:44:39] Jeff Abraham: Because it breaks up plaque in your arteries, okay. So that if you have early stages of heart disease, the one way to blow that up, I think about it like a hose, okay. If you have a hose and you have dirt getting in it and you just have a trickle of water coming through, okay,

[00:44:56] Jeff Abraham: the dirt can tend to build up and then pull other dirt that's flowing through, you know what I mean? And start to clog it up. But if all of a sudden you blast the pressure, you know what I mean? And turn that hose on full bore and you literally have a ton of pressure coming through there, it's gonna, it's gonna break up that dirt and that plaque.

[00:45:16] Jeff Abraham: And that's basically a layman's term for what VitaFLUX does. And there's, it's actually marketed under a different name, too. The guy that invented it for, specifically for heart disease, for heart patients, because it's so effective in increasing blood pressure. And they found out that the side effect is it's great for your libido,

[00:45:36] Jeff Abraham: it's great for softening up the epithelial layer, it's good for your overall health. Like I said, workout stimulation. It's L Arginine, L Citrulline, L Carnitine, as well as Zinc and Magnesium, which are two known sexual stimulants, so it's a number of products. And you know, it's funny cuz a lot of people complain.

[00:45:56] Jeff Abraham: They go, oh my God, I gotta take three in the morning, three at night, they're pills. And I go, there is no way to compact that any smaller. Sure, we could do that, but it would lessen the effectiveness of the product. Our goal isn't to say, oh, this is easier to take, but it's not as good for you. I mean the ultimate should be, we want the best result

[00:46:15] Jeff Abraham: and the best results are three of those tablets in the morning, three of those tablets in the evening is gonna give you the highest and most effective nitric oxi, nitric oxide boost and that's important. And you know, I'm on it myself, I'm 64 years old. But it's funny, Russ and Ryan, one who's 34 and one who's 30, my operations manager, my marketing manager,

[00:46:40] Jeff Abraham: they both love it and take it every single day. And I'm like, you guys are 30, 34, you know, you shouldn't need this yet. And they're like, oh no, I feel a definite difference. Just in energy level, just in, you know, arousal level. And it just shows you, everyone wants to be at their best, you know? I mean, when you get in your fifties and sixties, you need it. But even before you need it, if you get a 5% boost, why not take it?

[00:47:06] Ed Watters: Yeah. Well, you know, my wife, she needs that all the time. I'm kind of concerned about taking that because I don't wanna exert, overboard, uh, stimuli and whatnot. So I'm kind of, I, I don't know if I wanna take that or not, but yet with the health factors of this, well, it could give me longer life, you

[00:47:33] Ed Watters: know,

[00:47:34] Jeff Abraham: That's exactly,

[00:47:35] Jeff Abraham: I would say try it and then see. And if for some reason you go, it's given me too much libido, you can always back off to two a day. The optimum is three, but if you're seeing maybe too much libido, you know, for me at my age, uh, you know, I'm already 64, I'm like, who knows how long I have left. 20 years, whatever.

[00:47:56] Jeff Abraham: I want to have as much libido as possible. Cause I know when I get in my seventies or eighties,

[00:48:00] Ed Watters: Of course.


Jeff Abraham: If I keep slowing down like I did now, I better shoot all the bullets I have right now and enjoy it, you know? Click to Tweet

[00:48:07] Ed Watters: I, I, I, I noticed on a podcast you were doing, you explained, you explained it when you're young, you're like shooting a machine gun and then you trickle down to semiautomatic, that was kind of,

[00:48:24] Jeff Abraham: And then at my age, now I'm a musket, you know what I mean?

[00:48:28] Jeff Abraham: Like one of those civil war, you gotta put the powder in, put the ball in, you know what

[00:48:33] Jeff Abraham: I mean? Like,

[00:48:34] Ed Watters: That, that was an excellent, excellent rendition there,

[00:48:38] Jeff Abraham: Everyone laughed

[00:48:41] Jeff Abraham: at

[00:48:41] Jeff Abraham: that, you know, and they're like, how'd you come up with that? I go, cause it's true. I go, trust me, I'm living it, you know? And you know, they call it the refractory period.

[00:48:49] Jeff Abraham: That means how long it takes you from the, you know, once, the time you ejaculate until you're ready to have sex again. And when you're young, the refractory is for five minutes. People go to me, what's a refractory period when you're 64? I go, a night's sleep, breakfast, a workout, a nap, and then they're like, what? I go, trust me,

[00:49:05] Jeff Abraham: okay. I'm good for at least 24 hours before I'm ready to roll again, you know what I mean? I go, maybe on, you know, my woman's birthday or, you know, Christmas or whatever, you know, I can sum it up, you know, one more, but that's not something I can do on a regular basis, okay.

[00:49:22] Ed Watters: Yeah, exactly.

[00:49:23] Jeff Abraham: In my forties, was nothing for me to go twice a day, you know, go twice, once in the evening, once in the morning, then I got in my fifties, I'm like something changed.

[00:49:31] Jeff Abraham: Maybe it was my prostate aging, you know? And now

[00:49:34] Jeff Abraham: in my sixties,

[00:49:34] Ed Watters: it's easier to talk about it.

[00:49:37] Jeff Abraham: Yeah.

[00:49:38] Jeff Abraham: You know, one of the things that I think that people love when I'm on a podcast, You find a lot of people go on there, no, I'm just like I was in my twenties. Bullshit, okay. And if that's the case, you're a freak of nature,

[00:49:50] Jeff Abraham: I'm not a freak of nature. I talk to people all day, every day. Let's be honest, I don't want other 60 year olds going out there going, why is he so virile? And you know, what's wrong with me? I'm gonna be honest, I am not as virile as I was in my twenties, thirties, or forties for that matter, okay. And it's definitely going the wrong direction as I age. But there are things that you can do to prolong your potency,

[00:50:14] Jeff Abraham: there are things that you can do to enhance the times that you are still intimate. So why not do them?

[00:50:21] Ed Watters: Yeah. Well, that's, that's very important in any sexual relationship. Whether it be, you know, man/ woman, man/ man, however you do your thing, that's up to you. But you know, the, the level of energy and enthusiasm,

[00:50:40] Ed Watters: that really matters in any relationship.

[00:50:43] Jeff Abraham: Let me tell you something. There's no bigger turn on, if you're a man, than you're woman desiring you and having libido. Vice versa, if you're a woman, if you go, oh my God, my husband, I just crawled in the bed, he's already got a hard on, he's like caressing me, you know what I mean?

[00:50:59] Jeff Abraham: Oh man, you know, I'm really desired. Even if it's something they know, oh, you're going through, you're sick or whatever and you're not aroused, it does play on your self esteem, you know what I mean? Oh my God. You know, if you're a woman, just because of aging and going through menopause, all of a sudden doesn't lubricate naturally anymore,

[00:51:21] Jeff Abraham: you gotta use tons of lubes, even though academically, even though intellectually you realize, cuz of age, you still reach down there and you're like, oh, she's dry, she's not turned on. Even, it's an emotional thing, even though, you know, I'm in the business and that's happened to me before. And I'm like, wait, my partner's 48,

[00:51:39] Jeff Abraham: she's just going through menopause. Even though I know it's the issue, I'm like, man, I wish she was, you know, moist, you know what I mean? Like, cause then I would feel more desired, you know? And it makes it uncomfortable, it makes her like, oh my God, am I sending a signal that I'm really not desiring him when indeed I am.

[00:51:57] Jeff Abraham: So I tell people, leave your ego at the door, check your ego at the door, use whatever you need to do to enhance the feelings of, of, of lust, the feelings of desirability for you and your partner, and really take the anxiety out of it. Really relax and enjoy what you're doing.

[00:52:20] Ed Watters: Yeah. You've gotta be real with each other,

[00:52:23] Ed Watters: you know, and communicate, uh, communication is a big factor there. And if, if you have those concerns, speak about it, bring it to the light. That way you can find these products that help those situations.

[00:52:39] Jeff Abraham: Sometimes people ask me, what is the most important sexual, you know, device or what's the most important sexual product or thing that you can do to enhance, you know, your intimacy.

[00:52:51] Jeff Abraham: And I go communicate, it is. It really and truly is.

[00:52:57] Ed Watters: It is, it's joy a hundred percent.

[00:53:00] Jeff Abraham: Yeah. And tell your partner what you like, tell your partner what feels good. More importantly, tell your partner what doesn't feel good. So they're doing something and you're like, oh, that's uncomfortable, you know, it's ruining the mood, but you don't want to say anything.

[00:53:14] Jeff Abraham: You know, I, I'm very open, sexually. A lot of times when I'm first with someone new, I will say to them, I want you to masturbate for me. A lot of times they're like, what? Oh no, I'm uncomfortable. And they go, why would you have me do that? I go, think about this, especially for women, all women are different. There'll be a woman you're dating

[00:53:32] Jeff Abraham: who's like, oh my God, be very careful. I'm so sensitive in my labia and my clitoris, I, just a light touch, not even direct pressure, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, okay, great. Then you're dating someone else the following year and she's like, I need direct stimulation right on my clitoris, it's like, I need to really rub hard.

[00:53:50] Jeff Abraham: I mean, sandpaper, put a jackhammer, I'm like, oh my God, how could these two be of the same species, you know? So

[00:53:56] Ed Watters: That's right.

[00:53:57] Jeff Abraham: I tell women that, listen, okay, you can either have me for the next month go, you know, fumble around trying to figure out how you like it, how, or you can literally show me, okay?

[00:54:10] Jeff Abraham: Because if you're masturbating, you're not doing things that are uncomfortable, you're touching yourself in the exact way you want to be touched. So I'm gonna watch what you're doing, and by the way, I happen to be a voyeur so I'm enjoying the hell outta it while I'm doing it, you know what I mean? but I'm literally watching and you're giving me a guide on how to pleasure you,

[00:54:29] Jeff Abraham: okay? You're telling me, okay, this is the pressure, this is the way I like to be touched, this is the frequency. This is, you know, and that is so key. So let's just, you know, get past the, oh, I'm, you know, I'm shy, I'm uncomfortable. Well, if you're shy and uncomfortable, you should be intimate with someone, let that go.

[00:54:48] Jeff Abraham: You're to the point where this is important enough, let your guard down. Trust the person.

[00:54:55] Ed Watters: Yes. And, and you know, the older you get, the more comfortable in that you get, you know, you find that confidence. You know, and I got married at 19, I've been with my wife since 17, you know, so that's quite a few years and we still love each other.

[00:55:16] Ed Watters: There's been quite a few rocking roads there, you know, but you, you gotta communicate. That's the biggest thing ever. And I found out I used to run from my wife because I was afraid to communicate my inner feelings about sex with her. The moment I said, bullshit, I'm gonna let this go and what happens, happens. That communication, it's priceless

[00:55:50] Ed Watters: and our relationship is developing at such a, much more mature level now because we're open with communication, it, it's amazing. So,

[00:56:08] Jeff Abraham: I'm

[00:56:08] Jeff Abraham: with you, my man.

[00:56:10] Ed Watters: Your, your products have big reviews. Uh, I mean, you've been featured in big premieres about the, the, how should I say it? The scandal behind Promescent and the, Dr.

[00:56:31] Ed Watters: Gilbert, your friend, your neighbor, the tragedy behind this.

[00:56:36] Jeff Abraham: The

[00:56:36] Jeff Abraham: most senseless thing you can ever imagine. Imagine he got murdered in a case of mistaken identity. I mean, think of how insane that is.

[00:56:46] Ed Watters: You know, and, and how you come to the aid of the family to keep this going, it's kind of remarkable.

[00:56:54] Ed Watters: And I, I really

[00:56:56] Ed Watters: thank you.

[00:56:56] Jeff Abraham: It's not an easy thing to do, it's not the easy thing do, but I made it. Dedicating five years of my life without compensation to further this and make sure that they're taken care of, his legacy is protected and to provide for them. And then having a 22 billion dollar a year company come in and sign an NDA and say, Hey, we wanna purchase you.

[00:57:19] Jeff Abraham: And then literally try to steal our trade secrets and all of our intellectual stuff, and then try crushing us. I mean, how black does your heart have to be?

[00:57:29] Ed Watters: Yeah,

[00:57:30] Ed Watters: yeah.

[00:57:31] Jeff Abraham: It's insane.

[00:57:33] Ed Watters: And, and this is a big company that's kind of out there and,

[00:57:38] Jeff Abraham: 22 billion a year, 22 billion dollars a year.

[00:57:42] Ed Watters: This is one of the reasons I like you because you stand up to this stuff, you've done it before with other companies.

[00:57:50] Ed Watters: And so many people just say, they've got too much money, I don't have the time, effort, where do you get that, you know?

[00:58:00] Jeff Abraham: I have bigger balls than I have brains sometimes, you know what I mean?

[00:58:05] Ed Watters: Right on.

[00:58:06] Jeff Abraham: If you look at, I took down Hyundai in 2000, okay, and I crushed them. They, literally, I had this big semi introductory engineering, recruiting business, very successful.

[00:58:15] Jeff Abraham: And they chose me to do the staffing at this big firm up in, uh, big facility up in Eugene, Oregon. They told me to screen out all women in African Americans. I'm like, I'm not doing that. People are like, you'll never know. I go, I know I'm not doing it. One thing led to another, they kept pressuring me to do it and I refused.

[00:58:32] Jeff Abraham: So finally they fired me. I took 'em to court, I proved it, I crushed them, okay. In the interviews, Jane Wells and some other people that are now following this case have pointed out, in the interviews afterwards I said, I will never go through this again. They were so dirty, and so filthy, and they, that personal havoc they wreak on you.

[00:58:51] Jeff Abraham: I would never do this again and they go, now you're doing it again, I go, I had no choice, okay, because they did this to us. And my two choices were to walk away and let 'em get away with it or teach them a lesson. We're going to court in May. We were supposed to go in, in November, then December, then February, kept getting delayed because of the pandemic, now it's in May. I give you my word,

[00:59:15] Jeff Abraham: I'm gonna spank them, okay, hard. And I'll come back on after and tell you about it. You know, I'm, lemme tell you

[00:59:22] Ed Watters: Please do.

[00:59:23] Jeff Abraham: right now until we go to court. But lemme tell you right now I am a hundred percent confident. They did it, I have the proof, and they are going down hard, okay. These are really, and truly some unethical people

[00:59:38] Jeff Abraham: and what they did is despicable. And I have them, I know it and they know it, and this is going to be ugly for them. And what they get,

[00:59:47] Ed Watters: I respect that.

[00:59:49] Jeff Abraham: They deserve. And you know, too many people in this country, here's their feeling, I'll leave it for the next guy to clean up. And then the company gets more emboldened.

[01:00:00] Jeff Abraham: They do it again, they do it again, they do it again, they do it again, they do it again. And then it just becomes a way of life to them because they continue to get away with it. Somebody has to be the one eventually that says enough, I'm not leaving it for the next guy. I'm cleaning this mess up right now.

[01:00:17] Jeff Abraham: Now after this it's someone else's turn, okay, I mean,

[01:00:22] Ed Watters: Don't say that yet.

[01:00:24] Jeff Abraham: I've spent 14

[01:00:25] Jeff Abraham: years of my adult life getting the living shit kicked out of me, because trust me, companies don't play fair. They're filthy, they're dirty, okay, and they do, all they try to do is run the cost up and drag it out, figuring they'll make it so difficult

[01:00:39] Jeff Abraham: you'll go away. And unfortunately for them, I'm a boy scout. They try dragging your name through the mud and making you out to be a villain. I'll be honest with you, I don't drink, I don't take hard drugs. I like to get high, I'm very open about that, that's my drug of choice. But I don't make, I've never made a bad business deal.

[01:00:59] Jeff Abraham: I'm honest, I'm hardworking, I'm successful, so if you think you're gonna leverage me and go, oh, we're gonna bring out all this dirt, go ahead. If putting an extra lime in your perrier is a crime, I'm guilty, okay. Other than that, there's not a whole lot there. So if they wanna make this a test of character, if they wanna make this a test of ethics or reputation, let's go, bring it,

[01:01:19] Jeff Abraham: let's get it on. I'm all for it, okay.

[01:01:24] Ed Watters: And that's what they do. It's the same thing as what we were talking about earlier in the political realm, they try to smear, and they try to dissolve you.

[01:01:34] Jeff Abraham: And they feel if they say it long enough that it starts sinking in and people believe it. But here's the ultimate compliment,

[01:01:40] Jeff Abraham: so they were represented by Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, and Hampton and it's the same firm that represented Hyundai when I crushed them. I'm like, I think you might have picked someone better, I think we have a history, okay. I was a lot younger, a lot more naive there, I learned from that, okay. These idiots had no chance,

[01:01:56] Jeff Abraham: okay. We were 15 out of 15 in pretrial motions. They just replaced that in December with a firm called Wilmer Hale, okay. They're this big renowned, you know, politically connected wall street firm. And you know, they're, they're in Washington and New York and oh my God, people go, oh my God, are you nervous? I'm like, no, I go, number one, I have excellent counsel,

[01:02:19] Jeff Abraham: okay. Number two, it's like owning a restaurant, okay. And you're the owner of a restaurant, you go, okay, we got sour milk, we got moldy bread, we have rancid meat. Hey, I brought a new chef in, yeah, good luck with that, okay, with those ingredients, okay. Unless Wilmer Hale can come in and erase emails and delete depositions, which is illegal,

[01:02:44] Jeff Abraham: they can't do. They have a bad fact pattern and a shitty client, okay. So people ask me, I go, I consider it a compliment. They go, holy shit, we're in trouble, we just got whacked 15 out of 15 times on these pretrial motions. Do we really, and truly want to go forward with these idiots representing us to trial?

[01:03:02] Jeff Abraham: No, we need to go, so they're getting these new guys up to speed and I'm like, bring in whoever you want, okay, you're not changing the facts. I will get you into court and a jury of my peers is gonna look at you and go, are you kidding me? You went into court with this?

[01:03:17] Ed Watters: Yeah. Yeah. It, it's kind of, uh, compelling in your favor from what I've looked at.

[01:03:23] Jeff Abraham: Oh yeah. And lemme tell you

[01:03:24] Jeff Abraham: something, I'm, I'm speaking directly to them when I'm talking to you right now because they monitor

[01:03:30] Ed Watters: Oh, yeah.

[01:03:30] Jeff Abraham: every single thing I do. When I get my deposition, every podcast they monitored. So I'm speaking directly to that and you know, my message is, strap it on cuz we're going, May, okay.

[01:03:42] Jeff Abraham: You got me? You think you've got me?

[01:03:44] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:03:44] Jeff Abraham: Then bring it on, all right, let's go.

[01:03:48] Ed Watters: And, and

[01:03:48] Jeff Abraham: Wilmer Hale my ass, okay, bring anyone

[01:03:51] Jeff Abraham: you want.

[01:03:51] Ed Watters: That's what we need, that's what we need in America is more people standing up to this B.S., because if we allow that sort of law, well, it's, it's kind of B.S. and

[01:04:05] Jeff Abraham: It's nonsense, you know, here's another thing, some of these attorneys with this bullshit, I'm not a big fan of attorneys in general.

[01:04:12] Jeff Abraham: Now there's some out there doing good and I respect that. I like the attorneys that I have, but let's face it, there's a lot of things in this country that are shitty because of attorneys, okay.

[01:04:22] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:04:23] Jeff Abraham: Excess litigation, ridiculous litigation, bullying litigation, and firms like Sheppard, Mullin and firms like Wilmer Hale that represent bad actors like this.

[01:04:32] Jeff Abraham: You can even see, and they're trying to suppress certain things that they know are negative, but they're true for their, you know what I mean? And they mischaracterize things and, you know, they're gonna hide behind this mantra of everyone deserves representation, bullshit, fuck you, okay. You know that you're representing people that are doing wrong. You know that you literally are covering up bad behavior, unethical behavior, and trying to squash an ethical company.

[01:04:59] Jeff Abraham: Fuck you, okay, and your bullshit, okay. I say this, okay, you should go out and find someone who's doing right and represent them rather than represent these heathens, and these scumbags, and these clowns, okay. It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong from day one.

[01:05:18] Ed Watters: Yes. I, I believe that wholeheartedly, you know, and it, it takes good men to stand up or else that's gonna thrive.

[01:05:27] Jeff Abraham: After my

[01:05:27] Jeff Abraham: Hyundai case, there was a woman from the NAACP in Long Beach that contacted me because I stood up for women and African Americans. As you can see by looking at my picture, I'm, I'm not female or African American. I'm like the whitest dude you'll ever see, translucent, oK. So I stood up for two groups that obviously I had nothing to do with, but to me it wasn't about, I'm not a woman, it was about fairness,

[01:05:51] Jeff Abraham: okay. That here I was some young, poor kid that this country gave me an opportunity to better myself. How could I be part of a scheme to keep other people from achieving success? I couldn't be. So this woman contacted me from the NAACP and she said, we wanna give you an award. It was this big thing in Long Beach,

[01:06:10] Jeff Abraham: I think it must have been in 2001 cuz it was after the trial ended. So I went and they gave me this man of the year for their little local chapter and everything. And afterwards she pulled me aside and she goes, I've read this story and she goes, it made me tearful that you walked away from 1.6 million dollars to do what you did.

[01:06:31] Jeff Abraham: And I said it was the right thing to do. And she goes, you know, you remind me of a famous quote and I'm paraphrasing here, I don't remember exactly, but it had something to do with, it was like this, it was, when good men stand idly by, evil flourishes. And when she first said it I'm like what? Cause I, you know, I'm like what?

[01:06:49] Jeff Abraham: And then she goes, when good men stand by idly, evil flourishes.

[01:06:53] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:06:54] Jeff Abraham: And you know, To this day, I'll never forget that night. I remember the look in her eyes when she was telling us, she was like welling up, tearful. And she said, I can't believe that a successful white male at your age, at the time I was, uh, 44, walked away from $1.6 million dollars to do the right thing.

[01:07:17] Jeff Abraham: I said, let me tell you something, you know, my grandparents had an outhouse and you know, my parents were always on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. I said, don't get me wrong I've had a lot of success. I don't want to give back what I've earned, rightfully and ethically and how hard I've worked,

[01:07:37] Jeff Abraham: so hear me out, I don't ever want to give that back. By the same token, I know that I can live very comfortably with nothing, cuz I did the first 20 years of my life. So before I ever change my ethics and do anything I don't believe in, I'll walk away from it because I know that I enjoy the fruits of my labor,

[01:07:57] Jeff Abraham: I enjoy having nice things, but I don't need them to live and be happy. And at the end of the day, when I put my head on the pillow, I have to feel good about who I am and what I do. My parents weren't successful financially, but they were wonderful people and I will never, they're long gone both of them, but I still live every day to make them proud of me,

[01:08:19] Jeff Abraham: okay. And to me, taking part in something like that would've been so wrong, would've been just so, just disgusting, I couldn't have lived with myself. And in the present case that I'm in right now, you know, my dad told me one time that he believed that it was every person's duty to try to leave the world a better place than they found it.

[01:08:43] Jeff Abraham: And, you know, my dad's not gonna have any buildings erected in his name, he's, didn't leave a fortune, but I can tell you this, he left the better, the world a better place than he found it because he left loving children, loving grandchildren. He instilled values in us that hopefully we pass on to our children and he was renowned in the community.

[01:09:04] Jeff Abraham: Everyone loved him because he was ethical, and hardworking, and good. And at the end of the day, that's the most important thing to me, you know. I, I like being successful, I still only have one home, I drive one car. A lot of my neighbors are like, they got homes in four different states, they got, one of my neighbors has 14 cars.

[01:09:22] Jeff Abraham: I'm like, dude, you can only drive one. First of all, six of 'em are Porsche's, okay. I mean, what's up with that? Okay. I like buying stuff that appreciates, not stuff that depreciates, you know. If I can only drive one car at a time, why do I need that many? I don't, you know, and

[01:09:37] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:09:37] Jeff Abraham: some of my neighbors have like private planes and they go, why don't you get like a fractional thing?

[01:09:41] Jeff Abraham: I go, I have a whole fleet. They go, what? I go Southwest, they go everywhere I need to go and I get bonus points. They're like, what? I go, I don't need to blow a hole in the ozone if I wanna go back and visit my family in Pennsylvania. For 400 bucks, I can get a ticket on Southwest, direct flight, round trip,

[01:09:58] Jeff Abraham: that works for me. Plus I've met some interesting people on planes.

[01:10:03] Ed Watters: Yeah. Yeah. You know, and if, if you can't be happy with nothing,

[01:10:08] Jeff Abraham: There's nothing.

[01:10:08] Ed Watters: you can't be, you can't be

[01:10:10] Ed Watters: happy with,

[01:10:11] Jeff Abraham: if you can't be happy with nothing, then all the material possessions in the world aren't gonna make you happy.

[01:10:16] Jeff Abraham: That's right.

[01:10:16] Jeff Abraham: You know, I

[01:10:17] Jeff Abraham: drive a Tesla,

[01:10:18] Ed Watters: It took a while to learn that.

[01:10:20] Jeff Abraham: Trust me it did. I drive a Tesla because I wanna be ecologically conscientious and send a message to my son, who, if he listens to this, you got that Ford Raptor getting six miles an hour, come on, dude,

[01:10:32] Jeff Abraham: you know.

[01:10:33] Ed Watters: Hey, I did a, I did a podcast with Dr.

[01:10:36] Ed Watters: Twyla Dell about gasoline and the, the messes we're in because of it and Tesla is one of those things that she says is gonna resolve the messes we're in.

[01:10:54] Jeff Abraham: I've had some exotic cars, I won't, I usually have one at a time, but I've had some really good cars and I would not trade any one of them for my Tesla,

[01:11:03] Jeff Abraham: I

[01:11:04] Ed Watters: Really?

[01:11:05] Jeff Abraham: Love my Tesla. I've had a Bentley, I've had AMG or an Mercedes 600 AMGs and you know, Brabus packages and eight series BMWs. I didn't have everything you could ever have, I love my Tesla. I absolutely, it costs 25% of what some of my other cars cost. It's my only car, I love it. I would, I just ordered another one, a Plaid,

[01:11:30] Jeff Abraham: it'll be ready in a year and a half that, so when this one's done, I'll replace it with that. To me, it's very important to cut my carbon footprint. You know, I'm getting solar panels on my home and, you know, at a certain point, I'm at that point at 64, I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about the legacy that I'm leaving, about my impact on the planet.

[01:11:51] Jeff Abraham: Just like my dad said, leave the world a better place than you found it. But when I take RB to court in May, and I'm gonna punk them, I'm telling you it's a promise. And I'm gonna come back on and tell you about it. It will be the second happiest

[01:12:05] Ed Watters: I hope you do.

[01:12:05] Jeff Abraham: day, it will be the second happiest day in my life after December 25th, 1988.

[01:12:11] Jeff Abraham: That's when my son was born, okay. Because these guys are just bad, they're just, they're, they're just bad actors. And I hope to empower another generation of young Jeff Abrahams that literally,

[01:12:24] Ed Watters: That's what it's about.

[01:12:25] Jeff Abraham: I don't have to take it, okay. If I see evil, I'm not gonna stand idly by, like that lady from the N, NC double A told, or NAACP told me, when good men stand idly by, evil flourishes.

[01:12:39] Jeff Abraham: I want to empower others to have a blueprint to go, I don't have to take this, I don't have to get rolled over and punched in the face and just scurry into the darkness and hide, okay. One thing I've learned, all these big bullies and all these big Goliaths and everything, they don't like to be punched back.

[01:12:59] Jeff Abraham: They're just used to getting away with it, okay.

[01:13:02] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:13:02] Jeff Abraham: I can tell you this, Hyundai and their attorneys hated my guts, RB and their attorneys despise me. You know why they despise me? Because I am not afraid of them and I literally say to them, bring it on, punch away.

[01:13:21] Ed Watters: Yeah, truth is truth.

[01:13:22] Jeff Abraham: Why give all these comments under the table, off the record, besmirching my character, cuz you know why? Eventually I'm gonna get your ass in court.

[01:13:32] Jeff Abraham: And when I do, that's when I start punching back and I got news for you, for an old geezer, I punch hard, okay. And trust me, I don't, at my age, I can't waste any blows, okay. I'm not punching here, when I punch back, I'm either punching you right in the face or right in the balls, one of the two, okay.

[01:13:51] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:13:52] Jeff Abraham: I am taking my shots and they are gonna hurt.

[01:13:55] Ed Watters: Yeah, and that's where we need to get back to, you know, that's what puts people in check.

[01:14:01] Jeff Abraham: That's it exactly.

[01:14:03] Ed Watters: If you're unwilling to stand up against the money, like I said earlier, you've already lost.

[01:14:10] Jeff Abraham: If you're gonna wait for someone else to do it, you'll wait the rest of your life,

[01:14:13] Jeff Abraham: it'll never happen. If you're gonna wait for justice to happen, it'll never happen. You have to go out and make it happen.

[01:14:21] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:14:22] Jeff Abraham: I'm kind,

[01:14:22] Ed Watters: that is very important. Yeah, don't talk about it, do it.

[01:14:26] Jeff Abraham: Do it.

[01:14:27] Jeff Abraham: Oh yeah, you know, I got a track record, okay, this ain't my first rodeo.

[01:14:33] Ed Watters: Yeah. And, and, you know, the, the big thing is having people there to help you do it. You know, earlier you said you have great counsel. These lawyers, this is what America needs more of is people that actually understand how to stand up against that system.

[01:14:58] Ed Watters: Because that's what it is, it's a systematical,

[01:15:01] Jeff Abraham: They just spend money. Literally they filed motions they know they couldn't win just to drag this out and literally create absorbant cost, and drag it out, and drag it out, and drag it out. When, uh, Wilmer Hale took over, the other firm had filed these counterclaims 18 months ago.

[01:15:21] Jeff Abraham: When my attorney first called me and goes, Hey, they filed these counterclaims, I started laughing. He goes, what are you laughing at? I go, you're joking. He goes, no, I swear to God. I go, they filed counterclaims, I go, we didn't do anything. And so I go, I don't believe you, so he emailed me a copy of the counterclaims.

[01:15:34] Jeff Abraham: I started laughing, I'm like, those are absolute ludicrous. He goes, what do you mean? I go, they're absolutely ridiculous. So you're not gonna believe this, so I read 'em, so I talked to two other attorney friends of mine and they go, listen, they do that just to drag it out and run the cost up. These are gonna cost a fortune because you have to get expert depositions, expert testimony, expert reports.

[01:15:55] Jeff Abraham: I'm like, what? And it did, it dragged it out and cost a fortune. So we were smart enough, so we filed a motion literally within weeks after they filed those saying, we believe these are factitious, they have no validity. They're doing this to drag it out or run up the cost. So we asked the court to sanction them.

[01:16:12] Jeff Abraham: Are you ready for this? After Wilmer took over, it was 30 days before the trial was supposed to start. We're supposed to start on January 24th, it was December 22nd. This is two years and millions of dollars in legal fees on those counterclaims alone in 18 months. Everything else, you know, they dropped them entirely, completely dropped them

[01:16:35] Jeff Abraham: like they never happened. First of all, how is it legal in this country to do that? Okay. So it's like, it never happened. No, it happened because we had to spend all that money and it dragged everything out. We're not allowed to mention it, the jury's not allowed to hear that and after the trial, the judge is gonna rule on it.

[01:16:54] Jeff Abraham: How insane is that? You know? Oh, it would be prejudicial. To my understanding, prejudicial means you don't want to drag things from outside and prejudice the jury in this case. This was part of the case, this was in the litigation of this case. It should be allowed to be brought in, say they filed these charges,

[01:17:13] Jeff Abraham: explain why you filed them, explain why you dropped them, okay. And what are you gonna do about all the cost and all the nonsense that you rang up with these things?

[01:17:26] Ed Watters: That would be an admission of guilt.

[01:17:28] Jeff Abraham: Yeah.

[01:17:29] Jeff Abraham: But it happened, you know? And it's not like we're Monday morning quarterbacking, it's not like, you know, how all these things

[01:17:35] Jeff Abraham: look. We filed it right after they filed 'em cause these are ridiculous. I thought my attorneys were kidding when they called me.

[01:17:43] Ed Watters: Yeah.

[01:17:44] Jeff Abraham: And that's why,

[01:17:45] Ed Watters: Yeah, it's ridiculous.

[01:17:46] Jeff Abraham: That's why we put it on the record

[01:17:47] Jeff Abraham: and we did the motion and everything else.

[01:17:50] Ed Watters: Yeah. Well, you know, I, I think, uh, you're not only fighting for yourself,

[01:17:56] Ed Watters: you're fighting for, uh, Dr. Gilbert's family and everybody else that this happens to.

[01:18:04] Jeff Abraham: Look, in order, I'll be honest with, I have to be honest with you, okay, I retired once already. I came outta retirement through this company. I need to breathe, so I don't need this, okay, the last person I'm fighting for is me, trust me,

[01:18:17] Jeff Abraham: okay. I live simply, my house is paid for, my car, I don't have a single payment in my life, okay, and I have a lot of money in the bank. This is not about me, I am fighting for Ron's reputation, for his wife and his two boys, my shareholders, okay. My employees, they were wrongly robbed of what they deserve. More importantly, I am fighting for everyone that

[01:18:43] Jeff Abraham: this has happened to before me and everyone it's gonna happen to after me. I have chosen to be the one who goes, okay, here we go again. Enough, I am standing up, I'm gonna put an end to this. This is not, but I'm telling you, take me at my word, I'm not doing this again, okay. Twice in one lifetime, I'm on record saying, the first time,

[01:19:04] Jeff Abraham: I'm not, I'm never doing this again, I am never doing this again.

[01:19:09] Ed Watters: It's like marriage, once is enough.

[01:19:11] Jeff Abraham: Yeah, exactly.

[01:19:14] Ed Watters: No, no, I, I really, I think you're doing a good thing. Let, let me see if I've got everything here, uh, one more question.

[01:19:28] Jeff Abraham: Sure.

[01:19:29] Ed Watters: You, you bring a lot of products to market, how do you get 'em from concept to market?

[01:19:37] Jeff Abraham: It's interesting. It's, uh, it's not an easy proposition. What you have to do is take your time, and evaluate, and find the right product, that's the hardest part. You have to, first of all, determine the space. You have woman's arousal gel, is there enough, you know, demand for this product to, you know, justify the time, and the research, and everything involved?

[01:20:02] Jeff Abraham: And then when you say yes, there's a need. Then you have to say, what exists out there right now? Do, is there a need for something, you know, and then you have to either, A, start evaluating existing products that are out there, find companies that, and cuz this happens all the time, there are companies that develop something but they don't have the expertise in marketing and bringing products to market,

[01:20:26] Jeff Abraham: they're great researchers. And now where to the point where we get contacted by people going, Hey, you know, we have great chemists, we have created this, we've developed products, but we don't want to go through having to put a whole team in place. Would you be willing to market this? Well, what is it? You know, that kind of a thing.

[01:20:43] Jeff Abraham: So, then what we do is, we find something we think addresses the need and then we have a select group of our customers that we send samples to and say, we want your honest feedback on this. And people love that when they think, Hey, they're part of the decision making process, you know? And so we do that.

[01:21:03] Jeff Abraham: We also, to be quite frank with you, myself, Russ, Ryan, uh, our employees, we use the products. I bring the product into my home and my partner and, I will go, I remember when I first brought the female arousal gel home, you know, she was like, I'm not sure, is this, I go, yes, a hundred percent safe, trust me. And she was like, okay, great.

[01:21:24] Jeff Abraham: She goes, I don't understand how it would work and I explained to her, she goes, okay, we'll give it a shot. She loves it, absolutely loves it. And I remember we were first gonna bring vibrators onto the site, every vibrator company in the world, and some of the ones that, you know, do private labeling were sending us vibrators.

[01:21:42] Jeff Abraham: At one point I had like 42 vibrators in my bedroom, you know, like an open, I said, listen, we gotta try some of these, you know, cuz I really want to get the best of the best. She was at first, well, really? Yeah, we've gotta try these. I get to a point two weeks later, I get out of the shower, I hear, bzzzz,

[01:22:01] Jeff Abraham: I'm like what? You know, like, and so, you know, we always laugh because you get the advantage of saying, Hey, you know, I'm doing research tonight, you know what I mean?

[01:22:11] Ed Watters: Yeah. It's my job.

[01:22:12] Jeff Abraham: It's my job.

[01:22:15] Jeff Abraham: And, you know, I send some, you know, to relatives and different people and I go, Hey, I want your opinion. And then invariably, my brother will send something back and goes, dude, I've been married for 35 years,

[01:22:26] Jeff Abraham: okay, don't send me anything good, you know what I mean? Like, it'll take me a year to have sex and get back to you on that, you know? And we laugh, you know, that kind of a thing. But it's very important that by the time we bring something to market, we are dead sure that, A, there's a market for it, B, this is as good, if not better than anything else out there in that space.

[01:22:45] Jeff Abraham: And that there is a demand for it and a need. But people ask me how many new products do you plan on introducing? And I go somewhere between zero and a hundred, they go, what? And I go, yeah. If we never find another product that I feel is as good, if not better than anything else in this space, and it's a big space, then we'll never introduce another product.

[01:23:05] Jeff Abraham: If we find 10 a year for the next 10 years and they all meet the criteria, we don't have a timeline, we don't have a specific number that we want to introduce, we have criteria. The criteria is, it has to be as good if not better than anything in this space, has to be a significant space, and fit into sexual wellness.

[01:23:24] Jeff Abraham: If those criteria

[01:23:26] Jeff Abraham: are there, we'll introduce a new product. If they're not, we'll never have another product.

[01:23:31] Ed Watters: Are there secrets in the work?

[01:23:33] Jeff Abraham: Yes, we just, we just introduced a delay wipe. And, uh,

[01:23:39] Ed Watters: Ah!

[01:23:40] Jeff Abraham: It comes in a single packet, a little, fits anywhere in your pocket, in your, and so we had had a lot of people asking for that, cuz our delay spray is the best going,

[01:23:51] Jeff Abraham: it's phenomenal even though it's a tiny bottle. Sometimes people go into a club one night, they don't wanna have like a little bottle in there, you know what I mean? So they wanted that little discrete, and it's good, it works really good. It's not quite as effective as having it in a bottle, you know? So we tell people have a bottle of Promescent on your nightstand and have a wipe to go.

[01:24:11] Jeff Abraham: You know, if you're going to a club one night, you're just going with your girlfriend for the evening, okay. And people love that. It, We'll call it our home and away, this one's for your home, this one's when you're on the road kind of a thing. So, uh, you know, we just

[01:24:24] Jeff Abraham: introduced that.

[01:24:25] Ed Watters: Is there any difference in those two

[01:24:27] Ed Watters: products?

[01:24:27] Jeff Abraham: Oh yeah. With a wipe, the, the, the monograph for lidocaine has to be a meter dose spray, and you can't get a meter dose spray into a wipe. So it's a different, it's a Benzocaine formula, it's the best wipe on the market hands down. That being said, on the scale of efficacy, our delay spray is a nine out of 10.

[01:24:48] Jeff Abraham: If you go, what's the effect in this? Our delay wipe is a six or seven outta 10, but the other delay wipes out there are like a two. I mean, the other delay wipes, you know what they were, they were those little packets that they used to give with intermuscular shots, you know, how before you get a shot, you tear open that little thing,

[01:25:04] Jeff Abraham: they literally just took that and remarketed it as a freaking PE wipe. So we spent the time and developed a formula and really went at it, took us three and a half years and we came up with something that was vastly superior to what was out there. It's still not as good as our, and we, we say right on our site, this does not have the efficacy, but it's convenient.

[01:25:28] Jeff Abraham: So we recommend that you have the delay spray in your bedroom for regular use, and you have your wipe for the times you want the portability. So it's very important for us to be honest and not say these are two like products, they're not. You might want to give up a little bit of efficacy for the delivery system that allows us to be much more discreet.

[01:25:49] Ed Watters: Convenience.

[01:25:50] Jeff Abraham: Yes.

[01:25:50] Ed Watters: Yeah. Well, that's, that's very interesting. So how do people get ahold of you, get your products and,

[01:25:59] Jeff Abraham: We're available at a lot of retail locations, you know, uh, but here's what I tell people, number one, we want people to use the right product for the right reasons, okay. So all the studies, all the clinical trials, all the doctor testimonials, all the videos on how to use things on our site,

[01:26:14] Jeff Abraham: so I tell people, start at the site. Make sure you're choosing the right product for the right reason, okay. Then if you want to get it on retail, then literally there's a, uh, a store locator. You type in your zip code into this little box, then you press it. It'll show you which stores have which products and you pick five mile, 10 mile, 20 mile, 50 mile radius,

[01:26:35] Jeff Abraham: okay. And then you go pick them up. And if you choose to buy it on our site, we have free shipping, we ship seven days a week. It literally, in most places in the U.S., it's two day delivery and we have a full money back guarantee. We're also on Amazon, we're also on eBay, we're everywhere, but start at the site so that you're buying the right product for the right reason

[01:27:00] Jeff Abraham: and you know how to correctly use it. I'm not in the business of trying to get everybody to buy one and have most people dissatisfied. We want repeat customers, we want people to buy the right product for the right reason and use it correctly so that they tell other people that this is a great product and a great company.

[01:27:17] Jeff Abraham: That's how you grow a business.

[01:27:20] Ed Watters: Yeah. Well, my wife just started on the product last week and we will actually give an update by time this goes live at the end of the podcast.

[01:27:31] Jeff Abraham: I appreciate that.

[01:27:32] Ed Watters: We will understand the nature of the change and I really appreciate what you have done and what you continue to do

[01:27:43] Ed Watters: Jeff, you're an amazing individual and I sure do appreciate you spending time here with us on Dead America Podcast.

[01:27:51] Jeff Abraham: It's my pleasure,

[01:27:51] Jeff Abraham: we appreciate being here. I will tell you this, that I'm passionate, I don't do anything halfhearted, okay. I, if I do anything, I put my best effort into it and I do it because I truly believe it.

[01:28:09] Jeff Abraham: And I do it because in my worldview and the way that I was raised, it's the right thing to do. I don't need to be doing it.

[01:28:17] Ed Watters: That's right.

[01:28:18] Jeff Abraham: I want to do this, okay. It's the vision of a man who I admired, who was a very good personal friend of mine, my doctor, my neighbor, okay. He deserves to have his vision and his legacy cared for and nurtured.

[01:28:32] Jeff Abraham: And that's what I'm doing.

[01:28:35] Ed Watters: Yep. Well, it's, it's uh, fascinating the drug industry and all of the fascinating products that you have on your site. People need to get over there, check 'em out and check 'em out, really. Thank you, sir.

[01:28:55] Jeff Abraham: It was my pleasure my friend, take it easy. Have a good evening.

[01:29:02] Ed Watters: Thank you for joining us today. If you found this podcast enlightening, entertaining, educational in any way, please share, like, subscribe, and join us right back here next week for another great episode of Dead America podcast. I'm Ed Watters your host, enjoy your afternoon wherever you may be.

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