Stephen Avent Mindset & Lifestyle Coach

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Mindset & Lifetsyle Coach / Realtor I am a mindset & lifestyle coach with almost two decades elite level dog training, developing family guardians, to be loving, obedient and protective members of the family, I’ve taken the acquired behavioural modification skills, as well as my ability for discipline, pattern recognition and behaviour development comprehension, and focused them on teaching people how to develop themselves into their best self, the person they always needed in their own lives, the one they can be most proud of, so that they can then offer this person to the world and start living a life of gratitude, instead of the current, common life of victimhood; to take control of their life and become the author, through a daily process of stacking constant wins through a non-negotiable process. My first organic memory at the age of 6 is of my mom having her first grand mal seizure in front of me, and as I’d been continually interrupting her, I thought I’d caused it and that she was dying. I grew up with 2 dads, (biological & step) but never had a good father son relationship with either, and never had a proper male role model, so after many years of living a lifestyle of drinking, drugs, aggression, anger and chasing women; that I was raised to feel reflected what a man did, I found a new calling, dropped my vices and constantly strive to develop into the man I admire most and that I can now offer to the world to help others do the same. I’ve been in short and long term relationships, the longest being 10 years, which came to an end due to my infidelity; I am now in a relationship that had brought more struggle in the first year and resulted in more growth since, as we both continue to come to the table for each other, and have aligned perspectives, values, goals and love/respect for each other, that we keep coming together stronger and closer, as we navigate our newly engaged relationship and lives. 15+ years breeding Cane Corso……

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