Podcast interviews along with Podcasting help

podcast interviewsDid you ever want to be like Joe Rogan and conduct podcast interviews?

Welcome to my world of podcasting interviews, along with some tips for every podcast host, guest, or just plain junkie. After many trials and errors in my podcasting journey, I have been looking for ways to help others in the podcast space with some of my thoughts, opinions, and experience within the podcasting space.

Yes, podcasting can be as simple as you make it; however, for you to podcast, the right way takes time, devotion, and a lot of hard work. The work part holds many great podcasters back from being the next Joe Rogan. Yes, that’s right, I said you could be the next Joe Rogan. With the right work strategy, along with a well-thought-out plan for starting and growing your new podcast empire, you could be the next big thing in the podcasting space. Just look at the huge deal Joe Rogan made with Spotify. Read about The $200 million deal here on forbs

I plan on sharing some great tips and tricks along with some really insightful information that I have learned on my personal podcasting journey.

Welcome to the new blog.