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Discover the innovative world of incentive-based marketing with Marco Torres, founder of MarketingBoost.com. In this episode, Marco shares his journey from a young entrepreneur to generating over a billion dollars in online sales, and how he helps businesses grow using travel incentives. Learn about the benefits of offering value over discounts, the success stories of Amazon Prime and McDonald’s Happy Meal, and actionable strategies for implementing incentives in your business. Plus, get insights into how Marketing Boost can help you stand out and attract more clients. Tune in for a deep dive into marketing, growth hacks, and more.


00:00 Introduction: The Power of Education

00:55 Guest Introduction: Meet Marco Torres

01:53 Incentive-Based Marketing Explained

03:12 Success Stories and Examples

05:47 The Birth of Marketing Boost

09:32 How Marketing Boost Works

12:09 Using Incentives to Grow Your Business

15:19 Membership Details and Benefits

24:27 Restaurant Savings and Future Plans

28:30 Podcast and Community Engagement

31:33 Final Thoughts and Call to Action

Marco Torres


[00:00:00] Ed Watters: To overcome, you must educate. Educate not only yourself, but educate anyone seeking to learn. We are all Dead America, we can all learn something. To learn, we must challenge what we already understand. The way we do that is through conversation. Sometimes we have conversations with others, however, some of the best conversations happen with ourself. Reach out and challenge yourself; let's dive in and learn something right now.

[00:00:55] Today, we're speaking with Marco Torres. Marco is the founder of Marketing boost.com. Marco, could you please introduce yourself and let people know just a little more about you, please?

[00:01:10] Marco Torres: Hey guys, welcome to, I'm glad to be here. Thank you for having me. So what can I tell you? I've been an entrepreneur since age nine. By the time I was twelve, they featured me on the front page of the local newspaper for having built the biggest paper route they'd ever seen. And been a business owner one way or the other for most of my life, generated over a billion dollars in online sales since 1996. And currently I'm most excited about the business I operate called Marketing Boost. So hopefully I can add some ideas that everybody can take away to use on how to grow their business with incentive based marketing.

[00:01:53] Ed Watters: That's, that's, uh, interesting, incentive based marketing. You know, we hear about discounts and all of these other offers, but you hardly ever hear about an incentive based marketing. Could you start there and explain to people what that actually means?

[00:02:16] Marco Torres: Sure, and what I like to do is try to educate business owners on adding value versus discounting. So, for example, a couple of ideas that I would, uh, or an example I'd like to give that everybody's going to recognize is Amazon. Amazon launched in 2005, what we now know as Amazon Prime.

[00:02:42] And when they launched it, it was seventy-nine dollars for the year. And we were buying, what was the incentive? Not video streaming, the incentive was free shipping. We bought Amazon Prime because we wanted the free, the incentive of free shipping on other products we might buy. It was genius. I mean, now he's one of the most successful retailers in the world and everybody shops on Amazon prior to going anywhere else, pretty much.

[00:03:08] Seventy percent of, uh, e commerce starts on Amazon. Um, Another example is McDonald's. McDonald's has, for decades now, had the, has had and offered the Happy Meal. They entice parents to choose McDonald's over other fast food outlets. And we take our eye off of the price and we focus on the prize, which is the, you know, we get the, the bundle, the burger, the soda, the snack,

[00:03:39] and of course, the toy. So the toy is the draw card, the Disney toy, the next Marvel movie toy, whatever it might be, that's inside the Happy Meal. And we are choosing McDonald's over other fast food restaurants. They claim it's an extra four billion dollars a year in revenue that they can attribute to the Happy meal.

[00:04:01] So I like to kind of coach business owners on saying, What is your adult happy meal? What are you offering that helps people decide on your business versus somebody else's? What gets them to jump off the fence to buy with you versus somebody else? And, um, that's what, what, uh, you know, and there's a lot of ideas on how to do that, whether you're partnering with another business and, and collaborating that when they sell their product, they include a portion of yours and you do the same for them.

[00:04:29] Then maybe you're sharing leads or, I mean, what, obviously we promote our services with Marketing Boost. We have, uh, travel incentives that we offer and make it easy to add unique and the high perceived value travel incentives to whatever your call to action is.

[00:04:46] Ed Watters: You know, I really love what you've done here. It's unique. You've given a place for the common person to add incentive to their high end deal. So it's, like myself right now, I'm running a marketing campaign, giving away a microphone. And what that does for me, it brings me new listens, it has people sharing and, you know, it brings in a lot of incentive to give that away. It doesn't cost me a lot, but the value is immense. And what you've done is, you've allowed people like me to buy in and say, Hey, I want to give you this as an incentive and give high end luxury hotels, things like this away. How did you do that?

[00:05:45] Marco Torres: Well, we've, that's a great question. And thanks. When, when we started this business, I've been in the travel space since 1993,

[00:05:53] actually. It's been a long time. But anyway, we were building in 2010. We were, I joined with some partners and we were building our own, our own travel website, which was booming very well. And then we had an idea that we were, we think, Man, if we only had video testimonials. If we could get more video reviews, we'd be able to leverage those into, into more, uh, more, more bookings and use them on our Facebook ads, YouTube ads, everything. But we couldn't get hardly anybody to give us a video review of the hotels we were selling.

[00:06:28] So we came up with an idea to offer them a bonus trip as an incentive if they, if they would go that extra mile and film a selfie testimonial about the hotel and about our brand. And by the way, the tip I'm going to give you next, anybody listening, this is a great, a great idea you can implement in any business at any time.

[00:06:46] And the idea here is, we all need more video reviews. We need, or even written reviews, you need a constant flow of reviews for whatever it is, your product or services. And I recommend don't just ask anybody for a review. And I, the way, the way we did it anyway, we do a survey and we do the survey when we expected our client to be at the peak of their happiness. Which in our case was the day after they checked into the hotel.

[00:07:11] So we'd email them and text them while they were already at the property and say, Hey, how's the hotel living up to your expectations so far? How's our service so far? Give us a rating, a star rating of one to five. If they give us a four or five, we were immediately sending them with some messages saying, Wonderful.

[00:07:28] We're glad that you're loving the hotel, et cetera. Can you do us a huge favor? And help spread the word about this hotel. Others need to know what a great hotel it is. Would you help us film and film a selfie testimonial and brag about that hotel brand and our brand? And if you do that, we'll reward you with a complimentary three night hotel stay bonus in Orlando or Las Vegas.

[00:07:53] Well, that worked like a charm. Before we knew it, we had dozens and then hundreds of these video reviews. We were leveraging them all over our website, we were posting them on our Facebook, and you name it, and generating hundreds of more bookings. And, and then we had to shut it down because it was expensive to give away these three night hotel stays we were giving away in Orlando and in Las Vegas.

[00:08:15] So it, we're scratching our head now saying, Man, if only we could keep this going. How can we do this and not cost us a bundle of money? So we, because we're a high volume travel company, we went back to our hotel partners in Orlando and Las Vegas and we said, Listen, let's be honest. Your hotel is not full year round.

[00:08:34] You've got a problem and we think we have an idea to help fix it. Your hotel is not full. I mean, sure, you're full on certain holiday weekends, special events, peak season. But seventy percent of the year, thirty, forty, fifty percent of your rooms are empty. And they agreed. So we said, Listen, we can put some warm bodies in those rooms, couples, families, individuals, they'll spend money at the bar, restaurant, casino, gift shop, excursion desk, they'll book extra nights, maybe they'll upgrade room types.

[00:09:02] And we got a couple of participating hotels in Orlando and Las Vegas to play along with us. And now we could go back to the campaign and fulfill all of these free, these bonus trips we were offering for little to no money. And then we thought, Man, this is a home run. Can you imagine if we could solicit hotels all over the world to participate with us?

[00:09:23] We'd have a whole nother standalone business. So we set out to do that and eventually that's what became marketingboost.com today. Uh, that first travel site I was telling you, we have over 30, 000 video testimonials, more than any other travel website in the world. And so that was a home run with, with bookvip.com. And then, uh, but the spinoff became marketingboost.com, where we now provide these high value complimentary hotel stays in over 130 destinations around the world, from three to seven night [00:10:00] stays. Plus hotel savings cards that are good at a million hotels worldwide and restaurant savings vouchers.

[00:10:07] Those are the three categories of the incentives we offer at Marketing Boost that allow business owners to have affordable ways to provide trade show giveaways, create loyalty programs with points. The more you purchase, the more you earn one of these incentives. We've created, you know, the ideas on how business owners can use these incentives to virally grow Facebook groups, to, I mean, you name it. There's a million ways to use these incentives to grow and scale a business. And add value to whatever your call to action is instead of discounting.

[00:10:44] Ed Watters: I, I, I think it's the best way to grow or scale your business. To offer an incentive like that, a prize, something that they feel they're getting something, it's, just for being there. It's a, it's powerful. It is.

[00:11:06] Marco Torres: And we have found that it's worked in nearly every industry niche. I mean, we have, uh, my Facebook group alone for Marketing Boost has over 30, 000 entrepreneurs. And we have, uh, we have, you know, everything from multi level marketers that use these incentives to invite people, you know, Hey, if you come to the webinar on Tuesday night, you're going to get a 200 dollar hotel savings card just for attending, whether you join this program or not.

[00:11:33] They have people offering, you know, complimentary hotel stays. For example, if you come to a live event, has door prizes. Uh, doing a live, you know, webinars, you might throw, Hey, at the end of the webinar, I'm giving away two free trips. So stay till the end, you might be the winner. There's just, you know, a lot of, create any of, a little bit of creativity.

[00:11:53] And there's literally been ways that I've seen business owners scale this into, uh, and like you were saying earlier, you know, you're giving away a microphone for, um. You know, the Marketing Boost incentives, we're not the magic bullet that's going to solve all your marketing problems. But we can add to whatever it is you're already doing.

[00:12:13] Uh, so for example, your, your, your microphone giveaway, great idea. And you're doing an idea to get people to, so a way for you to capture a phone number, an email, invite them to listen to your podcasts. Now you have, you're building a database that you own, that you can continue to market to them, to listen to your show, or do whatever it is your call to action is beyond the show.

[00:12:35] And that is what, In today's world, you must be doing is building and acquiring your own database that you can continue to nurture those leads into, into clients down the road. And of course, we also offer, uh, we have an upsell product, you know, we call automation booster, you know, but the point is you need a CRM today as well.

[00:12:56] You know, in today's business, if you don't have it, you need to get one. You need to be able to build a database and then use it, right? You need to be able to email them, text message, voicemail, broadcasting, you need to drive them to a proper built sales funnel. Uh, and that's one of the things that we offer with, you know, I see examples of templates with Marketing Boost incentives built in. Showing people how we, we dedicate ourselves to show people how to, to grow their business, build proper offers, and maybe add value with our incentives as part of the mix to generate more leads, close more sales, stand out from the crowd and so forth.

[00:13:38] Ed Watters: So, so with that being said, what makes marketing boost stand out from the crowd?

[00:13:48] Marco Torres: Well, we're very few, uh, we have, we were not the first to, to offer travel incentives. There's quite a few other companies that do the same, but we reinvented the wheel in the sense that, one, we made it super affordable. Cause to be a member of Marketing Boost, it's only thirty-seven dollars a month and you have access to all three categories.

[00:14:10] Uh, and you can give away an unlimited amount of our travel incentives for that low cost subscription. Which means it's affordable to anybody at that price, any solopreneur, entrepreneur, big business, small business, everybody can afford it. Two, we made it, we turned it into a big win for everybody. A win for the resorts because we're helping fill rooms and they're generating some revenue from clients instead of none is a win for the Marketing Boost member. Because they're getting access to these high value incentives

[00:14:42] at an affordable, a super affordable rate, which was unavailable previously. Three, it's a win for whoever receives one of these incentives, because they're getting to travel for pennies on the dollar compared to retail. And fourth, it's a win for the destination when people use one of these incentives, because folks, they're spending money in that community.

[00:15:03] They're spending money at the bar, restaurant, bartenders, they're shopping at the local stores and what have you. And there, it's part of just making the world flow, right? Everybody, you know, nothing happens until somebody buys something. So he helps, we help that happen.

[00:15:19] Ed Watters: Now correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, when you join marketingboost.com and you become a client that gives the incentives away to individuals, you mentioned pennies on the dollars to that individual. So there is some small associated cost with that. But however, the person can pay that cost for the recipient. Is that correct?

[00:15:49] Marco Torres: Yeah. That's a good question, I haven't covered that. So for example, with a, with a complimentary hotel stay, uh, they don't include airfare, they don't include food and beverage, and they don't include government taxes and fees. So when you give somebody one of these incentives, you have the option as the business owner and the Marketing Boost subscriber, you have the option to pay those government taxes for the client.

[00:16:16] If you have a high profit margin, you know, if you're selling a 12, 000 dollar business coaching, a thousand a month kind of thing, and you're making a good profit, you might want to give somebody, Hey, I'll give you these five nights in Cancun on, uh, you know, me. And I'm, and I'll, and you might want to pay those taxes and give them a completely complimentary hotel stay.

[00:16:34] On the other hand, If you're doing, like, I've got a coffee shop, uh, a chain of coffee shops that I have a, a rewards program, and they go, When you get a thousand points, which is equivalent to a thousand dollars in purchase of coffee, snacks, sodas, sandwiches. So when people, they, they're creating a, a reason for people to keep shopping there and coming back instead of Starbucks.

[00:16:56] And, uh, when they earn a thousand points, they can choose five nights in Cancun, or Hawaii, or whatever. Now, their margins aren't high enough for them to cover the, the, you know, they don't want to, so they just do a proper disclosure and they'll tell their clients in the, in the pamphlet about the rewards program.

[00:17:13] They'll say, When you earn one of these trips to Cancun or Hawaii, whatever, they don't include airfare, don't include food and beverage, and don't include government taxes and fees. So then the end user pays the activation fee, which covers the government taxes, and then they'll have eighteen months to log into a online platform.

[00:17:30] They can plug in the dates they want to go. They'll see based on availability, they'll be able to pick from one of the hotels, book it and get instant confirmation, and they're on their way. So now since we're filling rooms that would otherwise go empty, it's not travel on demand 365 days a year. We have about thirty-two weeks out of fifty-two available for each of the destinations. So that means Christmas week's not going to be available. Christmas, you know, New Year's Eve, Easter week, 4th of July, Memorial Day weekend. So there's going to be some, some, uh, some blacked off, uh, holidays or special events for each destination. But there will be, you know, if they can be a little bit flexible, they're traveling for, you know, a big, huge discount.

[00:18:18] Ed Watters: Yeah, that's huge. And, and for thirty-seven dollars a month, you say you can actually give as many incentives away as you want?

[00:18:30] Marco Torres: Right, there's no limit to them. So if you're a high volume marketer, you know, generating, using these in a big market lead campaign or what have you. Uh, I've got a guy who does, uh, uses the incentives, for example, in his lead generation survey process. So he drives traffic to a survey, hey, register to get a, you know, um, to, uh, to win a complimentary hotel stay or earn a complimentary hotel stay when you complete our survey. And then they go through a co-registration survey, you have to answer a bunch of questions. And as they answer questions, these are leads that he's actually selling off to different,

[00:19:10] to different providers. And at the completion of the survey, then they are sent, they've earned the complimentary hotel stay. So he can, you know, be, be generating hundreds of leads a day, giving away these complimentary hotel stays. Now for most business owners, I don't, I recommend you don't give them away like candy. Make people earn them with some, with a variety of calls to action, or a reward point system, or a high, or a high ticket purchase. Because the more they do to earn it, the more valuable they, they, they, the incentive is. And the more likely they're going to, you know, activate it, use it.

[00:19:51] And, and use your service and so forth. If you do give them away like candy, although you can, you're kind of diminishing the value of the incentive [00:20:00] and therefore it may, you know, they may not help as much to your call to action as you'd like it to. So, for example, I coach people, use, use what I call micro- incentives for micro-calls to action.

[00:20:12] So we have, for example, the hundred dollar, uh, dining certificate, dining, hotel, I mean, uh, restaurant savings certificate or hotel savings cards. So you might say, Hey, book a, book a no obligation Zoom call with one of our salespeople or just to find out if it's a good fit for you about what we do and what you do.

[00:20:34] And, uh, just for booking the appointment and showing up on time, we're going to reward you with a 200 dollar hotel savings card. Or a 100 dollar, uh, restaurant savings card, good in, you know, your zip code. You put in the zip code and you'll see what's available. So you're using a smaller incentive, for example, to book a call with your sales staff. And then you can, all of your reminder messages might include a reminder.

[00:21:01] Don't forget, show up on time and we're gonna reward you with a 200 dollar hotel savings card. Now, that's gonna kill, do two things, two birds with one stone. One, help you get more appointments. And two, try, help eliminate the no shows. And at the same time, it was a smaller reward. And then once they buy your big ticket item, they buy your 12, 000 dollar business coaching program or what have you, then you throw in a, as a bonus,

[00:21:27] if you take action and hire us before the end of the week, we're going to throw in a, you know, a bonus. So we have a few of these leftover, scarcity and urgency, I've got a few trips to Cancun available. I can throw in a bonus five night trip to Cancun as a reward if you go ahead and hire us and pay for the twelve months in advance, you know, do whatever it is you'd like them to do. Pay for twelve months in advance and I'm going to reward you with six days and five nights in Cancun on us. They don't include airfare, don't include food and beverage, you know, quick disclaimers and boom, you've got your call to action.

[00:22:02] Ed Watters: That's, that's huge for, for the small, small person, that, that can really be a great, uh, customer boost. And, you know, if you're into lead generation, that's a outstanding, outstanding way to capture leads. So, what, what does it cost the individual if, if he wants, can he do it month to month and then drop and then come back later and do another three months with their cycles?

[00:22:44] Marco Torres: Yep. Yeah, it is there. There, yeah, there is no long term commitment. So you can, you can join and be on a month, a monthly plan. Now, we do have some a number of bonuses that we offer if you paid, stepped up and bought our annual plan. So again, we add more value as well. So more, we give you a bunch of additional value if you were to become, and pay for the year in advance.

[00:23:08] So what, what'd we do? For example, if one of the bonuses we give you, if you pay for a year in advance is, we actually pay commissions on every one of those incentives. All, all those, uh, complimentary hotel stays you're giving away. So if people activate the certificate to use it, we pay as much as fifteen dollars for each of those incentives that are your, that you're giving away

[00:23:30] if, if, for those that activate the certificate. Um, so that can add up to a lot of money. Uh, let's see, what else? We also offer a bunch of other bonuses like we'll give you, uh, for our four week fast cash training course on how to use incentives for your business, we offer a Canva library of hundreds of creatives that you can edit and make your own that include the, uh, you know, graphics for the, with the travel incentives built in for you.

[00:23:59] So we give you a whole bunch of stuff, like, pre done for you. If you're an annual member, which means that we're thirty-seven, instead of paying thirty-seven a month, which would add up to 444 dollars for the year, if you pay for a year, we give you a discount. It's 347, so you save twenty percent. Plus, we throw in a whole bunch of other bonuses as well.

[00:24:21] Ed Watters: That's fantastic. You'll have, you'll have your hands full for sure. Uh, so, not only on hotels, but restaurants. What type of restaurants are we talking?

[00:24:40] Marco Torres: Well, this is, our restaurant certificates are powered by a company called The Entertainment Group, and they have a site called diningadvantage. com. And this is the company that has been around for about sixty years. If you've got, if you're my age or you're, if you had kids, they had to go door to door and fundraise. When I went, when my kids were in school and they had to sell these big fat coupon books that were full of all the local restaurants and businesses that would offer coupons and what have you. So it's that same company, but today it's a phone app and you download the app,

[00:25:19] and you plug in your zip code, and you'll see all of the participating restaurants in your area where you can go and use these, uh, travel, these discount, uh, restaurant savings vouchers. So it works kind of like restaurant.com, but it's a different, you know, this, the company called the Dining Advantage

[00:25:37] and they have over 250, 000 offers at about 100, 000 restaurants throughout the USA and Canada. Typically they are not the big chains, you know, it's not the McDonald's, but it's going to be, there will be some McDonald's, but they're going to be the local franchise owners. So they're not contracted in by the, typically by the corporate chains, but they're more designed to help, um, all of your local, uh, restaurants, privately held restaurants throughout the USA and Canada.

[00:26:10] Ed Watters: Awesome. And how do you redeem this? Through your cell phone?

[00:26:14] Marco Torres: Yeah. You download, so you, with your cell phone, you download the app, then you plug in your, your zip code, and then you'll be able to see, for example, if I sent you a hundred dollar restaurant savings voucher, you would plug in, you know, the, you would download the app, plug in your code, activate it,

[00:26:32] and then you'd be, you would say, Okay, let me see what's available in my zip code. So you, that coupon might cost you, let's say, five dollars of the hundred dollar certificate I sent you. So you would down, you would accept the five dollar coupon, then you could order your pizzas and get the bonus, you know, the buy one, get one, uh, free. And then you would have ninety-five dollars in credits left over in your account. And now you might shop two days later for another restaurant and find, um, you know, Checkers, Checkers Burgers, or whatever, and you see that for a, for two, for three dollar coupon code, you can get twenty-five percent off the bill.

[00:27:11] And so now you'll, you'll do that and you'll have ninety-two dollars of, of your credits left available to you. So as you use your credits, you're actually saving a whole lot more than a hundred dollars at the, by, by the time you've used all of your credits up. So it, it saves, one hundred dollar, one hundred dollar, uh, restaurant savings voucher can save somebody three, four, five hundred dollars at, uh, at, you know, dining out.

[00:27:39] Ed Watters: The big question now is, when are you going to add Airbnbs to this list?

[00:27:50] Marco Torres: That's a good question. Yeah. I wish, they're, they're harder to deal with because everybody obviously is an individual private homeowner that's putting their, their inventory in the mix. But yeah, I, I love Airbnb as well. I've, I certainly travel with Airbnb often myself because, uh, you know, I love that, uh, the extra space and some of the local feel that you get when you stay at an Airbnb versus hotels or resorts. But we have a good mix of, of, of amazing resorts and hotels around the world.

[00:28:22] Ed Watters: Yeah. I like what you're doing, Marco. Uh, tell people about your podcast and what it's about.

[00:28:30] Marco Torres: Oh, thank you. Yeah. I've, so in our community, again, it's all about helping entrepreneurs grow, and scale, and be successful. Uh, we launched a podcast, we just recently hit our one year anniversary. So we're off on year two now. We, we, we, thank you, we broadcast one episode a week and we interview business experts of all kinds, uh, with, with inspiring stories or business tips or, uh, tricks for marketing and industry ideas.

[00:29:04] So we're, the idea being, we're, we're providing content to our community to motivate, inspire, and teach and coach, uh, to build their business with and without the travel incentives. Travel incentives, just being, you know, one of the tools in your marketing toolbox that you need to be successful.

[00:29:28] Ed Watters: Multi-level marketing, it's, it's the only way really to scale. But, uh, this value added incentive, it's really a game changer. So, do you have a call to action for people today?

[00:29:46] Marco Torres: Yeah. It's a great idea, thanks for asking. We have an offer right now, if you go to marketingboostsolutions.com, marketingboostsolutions.com, and click on the link to Marketing Boost, you can [00:30:00] join and get a freemium version of Marketing Boost with no credit card required. So you can join and you'll get access to only a portion of what we, of our top seven destinations. And you can use, give away those, uh, and test the program, send one to yourself, get an idea how the program works, sign up for a demo with our expert team. They'll brainstorm with you how you can use them for your unique business. And that's marketingbootsolutions. com. You can get a free account with no credit card required to give us a shot.

[00:30:35] Ed Watters: Awesome. And Marco, what is the best way for people to get in touch with you?

[00:30:43] Marco Torres: Same place, uh, from marketingboostsolutions.com. You can apply to be on our show, by the way, there's a link there to apply to, to be a guest on the Marketing Boost Solutions Show, links to, uh, to the podcast, there's links to, uh, contact me and join our Facebook group where we have over 30, 000, uh, entrepreneurs that join us that are active in the community. They're sharing ideas on how they're using the incentives, how they're using them, for example, for Black Friday now, instead of discounting. They're going to be at, you know, Hey, buy my product and get a complimentary hotel stay as a Black Friday bonus. So there's a, a lot of good ideas that we're always promoting.

[00:31:25] Ed Watters: All right. And is there anything we did not discuss today that you would like to share with our listeners?

[00:31:33] Marco Torres: You know, I think I didn't cover one key thing that by now typically comes to a lot of people's minds. Sounds too good to be true and, you know, is there a timeshare catch or, or something like that? And so to answer that question, there is no timeshare requirements ever required in any of these destinations that we offer. There's no hoops to jump through. It's a, uh, it's great for your, your client too. You can, we have thousands of reviews, by the way, from, uh, the company that fulfills these complimentary hotel stays and these incentives is called redeemvacations.

[00:32:07] com. And we have thousands of positive reviews, over 14, 000, uh, reviews now on, from clients that have used these incentives that have bothered to come back and write a review. And, um, uh, you can feel proud, you know, when you're giving these away to your clients and it becomes what, what I call the many, a marketing master secret, marketing, marketing gurus little secret. Because your client does not find out about Marketing Boost, that's your little secret. They're, they don't have no idea it's only costing you thirty-seven a month when you're giving them these high value incentives.

[00:32:43] Ed Watters: That's huge. So I want to say thank you for joining us today and sharing with us. Uh, this can help so many entrepreneurs out there. It's great to have you on and share this with people.

[00:32:59] Marco Torres: Well, thank you for having me and hopefully we can get a bunch of new clients and we'll walk them through how to use Marketing Boost.

[00:33:07] Ed Watters: I hope so, Marco. Enjoy your day.

[00:33:11] Marco Torres: You too.

[00:33:15] Ed Watters: Thank you for joining us today. If you found this podcast enlightening, entertaining, educational in any way, please share, like, subscribe, and join us right back here next week for another great episode of Dead America Podcast. I'm Ed Watters, your host, enjoy your afternoon wherever you may be.